Does God killing people make Him a murderer?


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Stringio Bob Snyder

God kills everyone not because He is a murderer, but because we are all under the curse of the fall where death entered through sin. We all deserve death and Hell. The fact that God saves any of us by His mercy and grace through faith out of loving kindness is miraculous.

April 22 2015 Report

Mini Jon Davis

God is our designer and creator.

If I created a computer game, one where I could walk around in a virtual world and interact with characters I create, and then I "kill" them, and then delete my hard drive, am I a "murderer"?

We are nothing but the output of His creativity. We're here to let Him tell a story. We're moving actors in His movie. We're interactive characters in His game. And so on. In the end, we don't even exist, except by His power.

January 01 2017 Report

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