How should Christians view microchip technology? Could it become the mark of the beast?

Since the microchip is here already, should we be concerned about how it will be used in the end times? Will people be cut off from their money and unable to access it from a bank? and will they if they have saved cash be able to use it to buy food? Exactly what will happen as my kids are scared, though I have tried to explain it to them? I am not really sure I have it right myself.

Revelation 13:15 - 18

ESV - 15 And it was allowed to give breath to the image of the beast, so that the image of the beast might even speak and might cause those who would not worship the image of the beast to be slain. 16 Also it causes all, both small and great, both rich and poor, both free and slave, to be marked on the right hand or the forehead.

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Mini Aurel Gheorghe
This is my understanding regarding this subject - in Rev 7:2-3, God’s people just before Christ’s return will receive a seal on their foreheads. This doesn’t mean people will walk around with a tattoo on their forehead - it’s only a metaphor for having God’s law in our minds (Deut 6:7-8; Jer 31:33; Heb 8:10). If we are sealed by God, we should not fear the beast or its mark.

The very last struggle on this earth between God’s people and forces of evil will be over worship – are we going to worship the true God, or the beast and its image. 

Rev 13:16 says people will receive the mark of the beast in the forehead or in the hand. In the Bible, the forehead represents the mind (Hebrews 10:16). People will not receive an actual mark, computer chip, or bar-code, but a symbolic mark in the forehead (mind) – by their decision to worship the beast. The hand is a symbol of work (Eccl 9:10). In Matthew 27:23-24 we read how Pilate could not find any fault in Jesus; however, out of convenience, he went along with the crowd and washed his hands, falsely believing that he was no longer responsible of Jesus' blood. 

People will be marked in the hand by their actions - not necessary because they believe in the beast power, but out of convenience, peer pressure, or fear - they will go along with the crowd. 

The sign, or mark, for either God or the beast, will not be a visible mark. People will have to decide if they accept God's seal or the beast's mark. Though invisible to men, God will know who has which mark (2 Tim 2:19).

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Mini Tim Maas Retired Quality Assurance Specialist with the U.S. Army
I view such technology as being morally neutral by nature. Like almost anything, it can be employed for evil purposes by those determined to do so, but the fault is with the people who are using it in that manner, rather than with the object itself, and the solution (in my opinion) is modify the object to deal with or counter possible abuses as they arise.

At the same time, this technology (like many other modern-day inventions or developments) is also capable of achieving good or useful ends in the hands of those who employ it for that purpose, and should not (again, in my opinion) be feared or suppressed due to the possibility of misuse.

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Mini Matthew Miller Supporter
Hello and may God Bless you Michelle, great question on advancing technology. There are few friends of mine who have dealt with this type of technological mystery. In the early 80's as far as we know, "this could have been even earlier", engineers saw the possiblities of digital implantation in humans. There was no market for such devices at the time or need to develop such a expensive technology. Engineers considered the outlook, during the 80's America was skeptic and feared such ideas from what we all have been explained in the end days.

So it was a toyed around idea till the late 90's, digital angel was introduced to a
small group of electric engineers. The idea was important personal information was
Placed on the unit and could track the implant. The problem was scanning the unit and still no market.

Entering into the 2000 we were introduced to the iPhone. As technology has boomed and electronic gadgets come out every year entrancing customers with phones, watches, and paper thin computers we now see a market coming for such an idea to implant a biochip. 

Here is a question to think about, what phone brand do you personally see as being better, iPhone or Android? Everyone has a preference and become vocal about it. Similar to new technology, people craze over the new idea, stand in line for days just to be the first to have it. 

Soon what we hope not to see as Followers of Jesus is the new implantable device to manage all one persons daily events. I personally believe that the mark of the beast will be a type of loyalty to the Antichrist using this implantable device. We may see the beginning of such advancements but hope we don't see where it will end up! 

We are not in the tribulation times as of yet, I don't believe true followers of Jesus will be here to see those days. If a person was to receive such a device I don't believe they will be subjected to the tribulation judgement. Today they use implanted devices in animals from certain veterinarian to keep logs on the animals health records. Some tell you others don't. But it is out there already it's just a matter of time before our Lord allows the technology to expand.

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Mini Kenneth Heck
The microchip is not the problem - how it is used will be the problem. Even now there is a company in Wisconsin which will be microchipping its workers between the thumb and forefinger:

This microchip is not the mark of the beast, but is definitely a precursor to that mark. No Christian should be accepting a microchip as if he is no more than an animal, and not worthy to be trusted in telling the truth. The true mark of the beast is more than a technological device since it negatively affects the soul. Removing it if possible won't change your destiny. Otherwise, those with the mark would not be cast into the lake of fire (Rev 14:9-11). 

Since the mark will be required to buy and sell it must be visible to the eye or through technology. Spiritually speaking, the mark may be of the same distinction as the mark of Cain (Gen 4:15). This implies it will probably be clearly visible to the naked eye. 

The first instance of God's people receiving a mark occurs in Ezek 9:3-11, just before Judah was invaded by Babylon. This mark would have been invisible to men, as the mark in Rev 7:3 would also be. In Rev 3:12 and 14:1 we have the name of the Father, and of the New Jerusalem, and of Christ's new name written on the foreheads. These will also be presumably invisible.

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Mini dale dorsett
I believe that God's seal is the Holy Spirit. Those without him need to get sealed by salvation through Jesus and then having their eternal spirit man born again/recreated to be Heaven ready. Our challenge then is we need God's Word after salvation to get our carnal mind to cooperate with our born again spirit's mind. The Holy Spirit cleaned spirit house and helps us with the fleshly house.

The microchip is neither good nor evil. In function it could be very good. It is not the chip that is the problem but the purpose and intent behind it that can be the problem. 

Coming from technology, that chip could have a small bomb in it to kill a person, could be used to manipulate brain waves to slowly take control of a person. Good technology can be perverted.

I do not think that the chip is the mark of the beast but just a tool. Submission to a system such as a false Christ, as the man of perdition is/will be revealed, is where the person can become demon oppressed and even possessed.

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Mini James Kraft 74 year old retired pipeline worker
For the first time the technology is here. Some business are using it for various reasons. I believe it is all part of national health care where in order to have health care one will have to have the chip. It will have all of a persons health history, and used to convince people it is a good thing. And, no one will be able to buy or sell anything without the mark.

We are getting closer and closer to a cashless society. Our credit cards have a chip now so that all of transactions done are recorded on what we purchased. 

According to some, there is an effect to the brain of an individual that has accepted the chip, to keep us from trying to remove it.

Satan is working over time because He knows his time is short. 

I do believe the church will be raptured out before the implementation of the chip. The anti Christ will have to be in control at that point. 

The church under grace will not go through the time of Jacobs trouble because Jesus has already taken Gods wrath for us on the cross.

The tribulation saints are a different dispensation and are not the church, the body of Christ. There will be many die for the faith during the tribulation and be saved.

In all of my understanding of scripture, the church will be raptured (caught up) to meet the Lord in the air before the 7 year tribulation starts. 

It is really only the second half, the second three an a half years that are the actual tribulation period.

When Jesus comes back for the church, He comes in the clouds and we meet Him in the air. When He comes back at the end of the tribulation, He comes back to the earth with the saints that were raptured out. 

We will get our new sinless bodies and be caught up in the twinkling of an eye.

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