What is the difference between a Rastifari and a Christian?

The Rastafari state that they believe in Ja.  What else do they believe in?

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As I understand it, Rastafari started in Jamaica in the 1930's, following the coronation of Haile Selassie I (whose name means "power of the Trinity") as Emperor of Ethiopia in Africa. Rastafari regard Haile Selassie I as having been a descendant of Solomon (through Solomon's involvement with the Queen of Sheba (1 Kings 10:1-13)), as well as a second incarnation of Christ. The word Rastafari derives from "Ras" (a title meaning "head", "prince" or "chief") and "Tafari", which was Haile Selassie's first name prior to his coronation. ("Tafari" as a name or word means "one who is revered".)

"Jah" is a shortened form of "Jahweh" or "Yahuah", which is meant to represent the name by which God identified Himself when speaking to Moses (Exodus 3:14).

Many elements of Rastafari reflect both Ethiopian and Jamaican culture. Although Rastafari accept much of the Bible (such as the triune nature of God and the divinity of Jesus), they also believe that the Bible's message and interpretation have been corrupted over time.

Rastafari regards Ethiopia (which it calls Zion) as the original birthplace of humankind, and calls for repatriation of its followers there, which can be achieved mentally or emotionally prior to physical repatriation. 

Rastafari rejects the degenerate society of oppression, materialism, and sensual pleasures, which it refers to as Babylon. 

The Rastafari way of life encompasses the spiritual use of cannabis as a sacrament and as an aid to meditation.

From the description above, it can be seen that, despite Rastafari's claimed relationship to Christianity, it differs in many key points -- most notably its rejection of the inspired nature of all of Scripture, and its belief in Haile Selassie I as a second incarnation of Christ.

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