Why did Joseph shave before standing before Pharaoh when it was Jewish practice to keep a beard?

'Then Pharaoh sent and called Joseph, and they brought him hastily out of the dungeon: and he shaved himself, and changed his raiment, and came in unto Pharaoh.'

One of the many laws the Creator God gave to Israel that had to do with holiness was the law requiring men to wear beards. Leviticus 19:27 and 21:1-5 are the only two texts that give clear instructions concerning the wearing of a beard by Israelite males.

There is little doubt that most adult males of ancient Israelite, as well as the Jews of Christ's time wore full beards in compliance with the law regarding beards noted in Leviticus 19:27.

So why did Joseph need to break Jewish law and shave before seeing Pharaoh?

Genesis 41:14

MODERNHEBREW - 14 וישלח פרעה ויקרא את יוסף ויריצהו מן הבור ויגלח ויחלף שמלתיו ויבא אל פרעה׃

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