How can a husband help his wife to know he finds her beautiful?


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Mini Mary McDonald
If a man is truly looking to make his wife know how deeply he feel about her, it will take genuine communication that begins with honesty. Honesty about his feelings, but allowing hers as well. 
-To begin, a man needs to examine his words &actions which could NOT be making her feel beautiful. What he says &does deeply affects how she feels, sees, &what she believes about herself. 
-Telling her she is beautiful to butter her up for physical intimacy, or so she agrees to let him buy a new toy or gadget he's had his eye &heart set on just destroys intimacy &trust. Telling her she's beautiful a hundred times a day then, won't mean a thing. Doing this self evaluation may give him the answers he needs.
My suggestion, take her someplace quiet, with privacy, &without distractions. Sincerely tell her she is beautiful to you, &you want to be able to show her in words &actions you feel that way about her. Ask her to help you understand what &how you could show her so she is can believe you. Then (most important) listen carefully, patiently, & with an open mind. Don't make this about your possibly hurt feelings over what she may say or feel. The purpose is to know &understand how she feels &what may need to change for each of you.

(From the way the question was stated, "help his wife KNOW he finds her beautiful..." indicates to me that though he may tell her, she may not feel or believe it herself. She therefore believes, he couldn't either.) 
So, when talking with her it is imperative to sincerely listen to what she says, & if necessary ask questions for clarification. When she is done, tell her (restate) what you believe she said to make sure WHAT you understand is actually what she meant! Let her clarify if it isn't. The whole purpose is to see and understand both sides of the issue clearly, &what steps to take.
Possible suggestions:
-Tell her sincerely, lovingly, &often she is beautiful &what, about her, you find beautiful. Not just physical attributes, but all the things that make her beautiful to you. EX: Her caring for you, children, home, job, others, etc. Her kindness, patience, serving, helpfulness, talents, creativity, &any other Christ like attributes, when you notice them! Most importantly, look for them & be honest! 
-Know all her needs &be sensitive to them, ask her gently if you don't know, then listen with your ears, mind, and heart. (I don't believe anything says "your worthless" to a woman more than someone they love hearing their words &feelings, &them being indifferent.) EX: If she feels her weight is a problem, don't say ok, walk off &order pizza! Look in a mirror, you may see you can use a tune up too. Set realistic goals, eat healthier &exercise together, encourage each other &celebrating met goals together too. Maybe buy her something that makes her feel pretty, if you really listening you'll know. Truly listening makes her see you really care, &feeling cared for makes her feel beautiful, loved, &cherished too!
-Treat her tenderly, respectfully, affectionately, show your appreciation for her with words, compliments, &actions. Look into her eyes with the love you feel for her in your heart, it will be obvious if you are speaking the truth, she will trust your words more. 
-Take care of your personal hygiene &look neat, especially when your with her, it shows you care enough to take care of yourself for her. If your happy &content looking &smelling bad, your definition of beautiful won't mean much to her, &your words probably won't either. 
-Hold her hand in public, open doors, walk "with" her not in front of or behind her, treat her with the same respect you want for yourself, it says to her she is valued &worth being treated well. She'll be proud to be with you.
God made the husband head and leader of the home! It much easier for a wife to love and submit to husband who obviously loves, cares, and gives of himself as God intended, than a demanding, selfish, &indifferent one. 
You "reap what you sow!" God Bless

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