How should a Christian view genetic engineering?


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Mini vanessa pannuti

This is an interesting question. As it is written that God puts to death and gives life, I would think that it is not for us humans to interfere with this matter.
I suppose it could be applied to many other issues such as: cloning,IVF, the so-called "right to die"(euthanasia), abortion, life support machines and even organ transplants. I would really like to work with the elderly in the healthcare sector; but these questions keep arising quite often. I personally try to stay away from environments that can promote any of these practices as I feel like I was an accomplice in wrong-doing. I would like to know how other Christians feel about the topic especially the ones who work in the science and healthcare sector.Where is the threshold and what are the boundaries that we must observe?

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Data Sarah Winn

On the other side though, some scientists must have to "clone" new organs for transplants or create additional supply of blood for transfers. It is a very thin line. I have been a recipient of blood transfusions before.

August 06 2015 Report

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