Who is really 'playing God' - the doctor who euthanizes a dying patient, or the doctor who extends the life of a terminally ill patient?


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Shea S. Michael Houdmann Supporter Got Questions Ministries
This question brings to the surface some of the hidden considerations involved in end-of-life decision-making. The primary consideration for many people is whether life can have "meaning" beyond ce...

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Data Dana pappas
This question causes me to think of the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates, the Physician's symbol of the snake and torch belong to him. In the United States, when a doctor receives his credential to practice medicine, he must swear the Hippocratic Oath, which states, "above all, do no harm".

The Terri Schievo (sic) case is an example. It was decided that she had lived too long in a round the clock care facility, and there was no chance for her to make a recovery, this case was heavily publicized. Her feeding tube was ordered removed by a court, and she starved to death.

If we are going to determine that brain injured people no longer have a right to live, (not to mention many comatose patients have woke too full consciousness, even after a number of years), then who will be next? The one's who are too old, The unborn (this issue rages on)? Not only the mentally but the physically challenged? Hitler decided to eliminate people he did not approve of, Nazi physicians performed unethical and demonstrative experiments on people with these ranging handicaps. No one has a right to play God, and place themselves in authority over life and death.

Physicians are to treat symptoms, heal conditions, control pain, fight disease, and counsel their patients in caring for their health issues and preventing other health issues, and "above all, do no harm". In their practice, they are not to violate their oath.

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Open uri20160825 6966 rhyaou John Matthews Retired Professional Singer, Conductor and Seeker
Christians are "playing God" everyday. We are asked to attempt to be like Jesus, to act in a Christ-like manner. Isn't that playing God?

We are called to alleviate suffering. Isaiah 49:13 Mark 5:25-29 etc. If the only way to alleviate suffering is to end the life of a loved one, then does that fulfill the Christian duty to end the pain?

Unfortunately, those who have not experienced this situation cannot possibly understand the need to end the suffering. I experienced this as my brother lie dying in a hospice facility from cancer. He was in horrible pain and the cure was to give him more morphine to stop the suffering. With large amounts of morphine comes less and less awareness of your surroundings. He lingered, for weeks in an unconscious state, completely unaware of anything around him until he finally died. What kind of end was that?

Ending someone's life can be the most loving act. We cannot, as Christians, let the suffering linger in pain and call that God's will. This life is precious, but the next is eternal. John 18:36

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95 1 Jay Saunders
One doctor is obeying God and one doctor is disobeying God. It is a fact that many receive salvation at the very last of their lives and the pain that they may endure is or could be their turning point to receive salvation and inherent eternal life. Extending a life is not playing God. God knows the exact day and hour of your death already. Psalms 139: 1-6 &16

You see clearly in scripture Jesus is referred to as the Prince of Life. Acts 3:15 John 11:25 John chapter 1: 1-14 A doctor who extends life to a human being, is serving our Lord. For all of mankind has been appointed to die a death and then the resurrection to life and pardoned or the resurrected to eternal death and judged guilty.

For we all will be judged but those who have Christ Jesus as their Lord are given a pardon from punishment of their sins. In fact their sins are even blotted out and remembered no more.

We have pardons even in the world of men. But in the kingdom of God all are guilty, but only a remnant are pardoned by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.

Because wide is the path that leads to destruction and narrow is the way that leads to life everlasting. These are Jesus' words not my own. He declared it so.

Abortionist are not doctors, they are legalized killers / murders of the innocent that can not defend themselves. Murderers will not inherit the kingdom of God unless they repent and are saved. 1 Corinthians 6:9-10

Let's remember the true definition of repentance. It means to be convicted of sin and to have a determined attitude to change or be changed. This change does not come about completely on your own power but by the power of the Holy Spirit which must indwell us through salvation. We become a new person by and through the power of God.

Ye must be born again! John chapter 3:3-7.

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