What were the old wives fables that Paul warned Timothy about?


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That would refer to erroneous beliefs, supposed true bc they've been around so long, but not scripturally sound.

For example, the idea that the soul is immortal and must live forever somewhere is a fable. The scriptures in fact actually teach that since Adam fell, our soul is inherently destined for death from the moment we are conceived. Only by becoming like Christ will we obtain a like or similar resurrection.

A burning lake of eternal fire was and is a long held fable. Scripture actually teaches life or death, not heaven or hell. There is no life outside of God.

We must shun doctrines that are long held and widely accepted but not scripturally supported.

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Mini James Kraft

There are a lot of things that are taught in the church that are just the doctrines of men and traditions held over from earlier times. They could be good scruples, but they are not Gods laws and have no place being taught as such. These extra biblical laws just lead to pride and self-righteousness for those that obey them.

I was in a church that at one time said if you had a television set in your house you were living in sin. All the people in that church burned their TV on their front lawn to make a statement that all of those that did not follow their man made law were to be held in contempt.

It is very easy to lead sheep into covenants of nothing more than traditions and doctrines of men where the bible teaches no hard and fast rules. I believe that some of these things are just old wives tales or things one or two people believe and make them binding on everyone else. It gives some a sense of power and control over others.

Some may even have a basis in scripture if you take them out of context. Sometimes it takes real discernment to separate the true from the false. Don't believe every wind of doctrine.

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