What does the Bible say about failure?


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Stringio Patrisia Cardenas

Thank you for giving me insight right at the moment of need. I was feeling so bad and like a failure at work being told first by my boss her expectations of me when hired were nit being met in one month..that put me in a mode of failure in which i do not recall ever feeling before. I came reccomended to this company and was confronted yesterday by my supv of an error and in explaining what happened he spoke to me in a way i felt he was calling me a liar. I tried to explain it again but he literally spoke at me as if i was lieing. That made my heart heavy and scared i was going to lose my job and hurt inside. I really thought about not returning...but after reading about failure this session was my wonderful answer. I return to work not a failure but to keep faith and move forward with confidence to do better.

September 05 2014 Report

Mini James Kraft

I know exactly where you are. I worked for a man for 15 years in which I could do nothing right. He accused me of lying and when proven wrong he would never admit it. I had to pray for this man every day just to keep from hateing him. Finally one day I was driving home from a job and the Lord told me to just trust Him. I said OK Lord.

The man retired shortly after that and I got a new boss that believed I could do no wrong.

We have to remember that if the world hated Jesus, they will hate us too. Just wanted you to know I feel your pain. But, Jesus loves you way more than I do. I will pray that your situation will not last as long as mine, and the Lord will show you mercy and grace in the trial.

Pray for those who treat you unjustly, and trust in the Lord with all your heart. He knows better than I what you are going through, and though it may not seem like it at the time, He cares for you. He will get you through it or remove it completely.

December 24 2015 Report

Mini James Kraft

As an after thought, I ran into this man in a resturant a few months ago after 25 years, and I sat down with him and treated him like a brother and knew that I had forgiven him.

December 24 2015 Report

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