Are our dreams from God?


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Mini Colin Lamons

God told me in a dream to put on the armor of god, Ephesians 6:11, The dream happened early in my christian faith, Didn't know what the dream meant until about a year later when I studied the book of Ephesians, In the dream God showed me a man in armor sitting on a horse in my front yard.

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Excellent Colin! I heard a voice say, "put my throne in the church and I will come" before I ever went to church or read the bible, that's what started my journey of salvation. I didn't know what it meant until 4 years later, I need Jesus to save me, send me His Spirit and I am the church <3

joel 2:28 & acts 2:17

March 29 2017 Report

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I can only speak from my experience with my own dreams. But I believe that my dreams when remembered can only come from God. I have had dreams that were very vividly remembered when I awaked from them and they were always a warning of things that were to pass and did come to pass. I was able to relay my dream to the person it pertained to when shown a precise person and other times it was to let me know that someone close to me was in trouble. Now I found that when I was not walking right with God I had no dreams at all to remember but when I am praying and trying to have a life in line with Him He activates this gift again. I believe it is His way of letting me know I am on the right path and He is abiding His Holy Spirit in me. But I believe it is just another of His precious gifts that He passes to some of His children such as discernment along with many other gifts the Holy Spirit brings. But once again this is only the understanding I believe He has placed on my heart and I know through mine I have helped many people over the years...

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