How should a Christian view politics?


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Mini Raymond F. Beaton

Romans 13:1-2 is a very troubling verse for me. Historically, my admiration is for those who resist evil government, such as Hitler's Germany and Stalin's USSR. Does it imply passive acceptance and accommodation in those societies? As a Christian, does God expect me, when commanded by the "ordained government" to inform on those underground soldiers who are resisting them? I rather hope I would have the courage to lie. What if a Bible believing Pastor could be charged with a hate crime for not marrying a gay couple, when compliance would offend his sense of God's law?

March 28 2014 Report

1424444011 Charles Quinn

I know many Christians in politics,but very few keep to their word.
And many have double standards.it would be a good witness if they stood by what they believed,I was in politics and through that position, got many boys and girls into Sunday school, I praise God for thar.

March 30 2014 Report

Data Julian Pechacek

A Christian should view politics as amoral. Win or lose, he should submit himself to the authority set in place, and live in harmony with the opposing party, like it or not. The Church is free to participate with each other and unbelievers in politics, but never allow ourselves to be consumed with politics. There is no profit in investing so much passion the United States of America or it's heroes. A Christian will invest in the Kingdom of Heaven and our true King, Jesus Christ.

August 31 2015 Report

Data Tony Flores

We should not be blind to things that our government does. If the government breaks the rules of our laws (Constitution), we must hold it accountable or what happened to Germany, Japan and Italy during the WWII era will occur. We also have to keep the 3 sections of our Government in check or what happened in the Supreme Couurt passing a law that they are not authorized to do (changing marriage laws) will happen. We have tp keep the Precidency in check or he too could become a dictator. Just keep within our laws in the books already.

September 29 2015 Report

Mini Leslie Pon

There is only one form of government referenced in the Bible. That of a Kingdom...an absolute kingdom. Unless we understand Kingdom form of government we will be in danger of interpreting the Bible incorrectly as most countries are under a Democratic form of government. One main difference is that in a Kingdom there is a king who is never voted into power and it is I the king. He is born into that position. In a Democracy, a president is voted into power by the people and its always, we the people. Kingdom and Democracy are both forms of governments and will dictate the politics of the country. Therefore within this reasoning should christians be concerned with politics. whether we like it or not, politics will affect our way of life. As Christians are we to favor kingdom form of politics or democratic form of politics. It is clear which one God prefers.

September 04 2018 Report

Photo Anthony Clinton

It was very easy for Christians in Australia the Prime Minister is a Christian but I would say that Christians should never run for Government unless It is God's divine purpose and calling for them to do so. I believe it was the case with our Prime Minister Scott Morrison. His appointment was just as miraculous as Donald Trump's in America.

November 08 2019 Report

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