How should a Christian view politics?


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Shea S. Michael Houdmann Supporter Got Questions Ministries
If there is anything that will spark a spontaneous debate, if not an outright argument, it is a discussion involving politics-even among believers. As followers of Christ, what should be our attitu...

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Emilio 1992 Emo Tenorio Shomer
Any freely elected government be it local, state, or federal is a representation of the legal authority of those governed. The solemn duty of the Christian is to lend his voice and authority to elect the BEST of those who have stepped forward! 

This duty must be executed with due diligence, who are they really, and what have they backed, said, or written in their past, (not just today for your vote). Does the true character of this person mirror what you value, would you leave your children with them, or stand and answer to your GOD for the transfer of (HIS) your authority to them? 

We are in a great cosmic war against the demonic forces that oppose our Lord and seek to destroy all we love and hold dear, do you, will you stand for Him! 
(Psalms 149:6-7)

Some have traded their souls for power becoming drunk with it, scouring and mocking the people who bestowed them power, haters, bigots, flat earth people we are called today. It was only yesterday we were the much loved and needed value voters, very short honeymoon indeed. (Psalms 149:8; Galatians 3:1)

Their weapon is deception, the freedoms which others have paid for with their blood and given by grace, is but a loan in our season that we are to maintain, defend and bequeath to whose yet unborn that follow! (Psalms 119:98)

Will you now play the harlot and flippantly break this sacred trust, as is the way of the foolish, for flowery wonderful sounding, but empty meaningless words? 
(Psalms 118:16; John 10:14; John 10:27)

The crumb of freedom men grant you today, they will return for tomorrow.

Massachusetts congress 1774 Acts 25:11 
Resistance to tyranny becomes the Christian and social duty of each individual, to defend the rights heaven gave and no man ought to take from us.

John Adams
"The battle, sir, is not to the strong alone; it is to the vigilant, the active, the brave."

In the Lord's Freedom and authority let us choose wisely.....warrior on

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Data Tony Flores Tony Flores a servant of Jesus Christ
I feel that all Christians should vote the Bible, or for the person that is closer to our believes. That is one reason, we have to know the Bible. I feel that we have to vote to control the government around us in order to stay free to worship and live free to further spread the Gospel of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

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Kit 66 merrimon 7 26 09 Kit Conrad
As a point of explanation, Christians should vote for people who most represent our God and not our own agendas. For instruction on how to accomplish this, read and study the entirety of the Bible as God has written it. 

Make sure also to include all verses surrounding a verse you like to promote that complete a fair understanding of your favorite verse. For example: Reading only Romans 13: 1-2 will mislead some into believing that we are to respect and obey that which God has clearly called evil. 

We must respect and obey all governing authorities that God has instituted for our good even if we don't like some aspects of that authority that hinders choices we may make that clearly are not God's will for us. 

Regarding Romans 13: 1-2, we are clearly not to obey and respect a governing authority that promotes sinful behavior and forces the electorate to finance such behavior. In these cases, Christians should respect the office of the authority but live the bible verse clearly stated in Joshua 24:15. Should we approve of civil disobedience and hateful response? Clearly no! God is in control and will effect His will. Seek first His Kingdom and knowledge, and live and promote a Godly lifestyle that honors God. Yes, as Christians we are to live Godly lives even under the authority of an ungodly government. Kit Conrad

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Open uri20131208 19303 k6t9a4 Bill Gerhardt
My point is simple, if we don't participate in electing leaders that will support Christian values or at least moral values are we not contributing to allowing others to sin or encouraging others to sin or letting the weak be led to sin? 

We are to be a witness, as a witness you take a stand on what you know is true. This experiment in American Government was set up by God but Christians failed to take a stand on truth, rather they because they were bullied, talked down, or sought monetary or social influence allowed America to fall into its current state. The Early Church took a stand inside the governments of Rome and Hebrews they fed the poor gave money as well as other things they did to improve the people’s state that they lived in. In doing so they had such an influence that others seen their witness and became believers. At the time the Bible was written there was no representative government like we have. To which we are given an opportunity to vote for the best person to do the job. I am not a Mormon nor do I believe in their practices however many Christians stayed home during the last presidential election because they wouldn’t vote for either canidate, well because of this we have a leader that currently is destroying the very fabric of this country. Can you imagine if Romney did get in would he have tried to remove abortion from being the law of the land? So if you stayed home is that not like saying I am willing support the killing the unborn? Is this not what you have done? Bonheoffer tried to take a wait and see pacifist attitude and then realized he had a moral obligation give to him by God to stand up to a corrupt governments and their leaders. I cited only abortion but anything that goes against Gods will and we do not stand against it we have no witness or testimony and we become just irrelevant and we belong under wicked rulers.

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1355970312 Ron Ray
The question is "How should a Christian view politics". In my humble opinion, a Christian should view modern day politics with a cynical eye. Christians should be constantly aware of what God given freedoms, laws and divine direction are being destroyed by politics in the ever mentioned name of "compromise". 

The U.S. was at its conception an approximate representation of the judo-Christian ethic. However, when the "enlightened politicians" began the removal of God, Jesus and the Bible from every area of government and society, so has gone also the foundation of the country. Politics has slowly and methodically removed the hedge of protection that was once around this land.

In my opinion, politics is the way in which this country has been consistently compromised and degraded. Just listen to any politician, and you will constantly hear them recite the word "compromise". Everything is a compromise regardless of the topic, or God's direction on how we are to think and to act. Thanks to politics and compromise, we have removed the Bible from our schools and our government. The mention of God or Jesus Christ is now met with condemnation from political and school officials. The mere recitation of God's Word has led to lawsuits and inprisonment of people for the dreaded "intolerance" that our perverse society now embraces.

Thanks to politics, our society has sanctioned the murder of over 55 million babies in the womb all disguised under the disingenuous "right to choice". The proper and truthful phrase for this act is the "right to death". Thanks to politics, our society now openly promotes and celebrates the homosexual lifestyle. We are destroying the traditional family and replacing it with the new and improved political model. The fate for those who warn that God's Word states that homosexuals will never enter the kingdom of heaven (Lev. 18:22, 20:13; Rom. 1:26-32; 1 Cor. 6:9;) is that they are labeled as homophobic, intolerant bigots. In truth, these are warnings that a person, or in this case, nation's "spiritual house" is on fire and in danger of destruction. However, politics has seen fit to condemn these acts and words of love as intolerance and evil.

I firmly believe that politics has accomplished its ultimate purpose in that our country, as well as our world is under our Lord's judgement and wrath. Our country is under the Romans chapter 1 wrath of God. Politics has caused this nation to trade good for evil. In the 60s we accepted and celebrated sexual immorality in the sexual revolution. In the 80s and 90s we began the acceptance and embrace of sexual immorality. Now God has abandon our country to the depravity of our nation's reprobate mind.

I agree with everything Michael wrote in the first opinion. So if you get nothing else from this answer, at least understand and embrace this: Do not place your faith or trust in politics, because it is the nature of politics and this system that is leading many to destruction. Place your faith and trust in God and in Jesus Christ. Take solace and find peace in the fact that one day soon, a government will exist on this earth that will be run by the One and Only who is qualified, The Lord Jesus Christ.

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Mini Alicia D
I agree that according to Romans 13, that God is our ultimate authority, not the worldly politicians and we are obey the law of the land because of God. The question lies and which I think is a grey area, do we become passive when our government disregards everything that the bible says, I think not and the prime example is during World War Two with Hitler. 

We as believers have to be a witness, take a stand about politics but not make it our focus, but under no conditions allow our government to dictate how we should adhere to God's word, that is when we need to fight. Sad to say, I think too many believers are passive and are not fighting for what is right which has allowed for things like abortions, the same sex marriage, and the list goes on but it also is bound to happen with all this immorality with the end times. 

I think that satan is the ruler of this world and his time is soon coming to an end because Jesus our glorious king is returning but we should still fight but we aren't enough and I wonder what can we do if believers have been fighting for morals and are losing, what are we to do? I guess still try because in Jesus, we have victory. 

I think that as believers, many of us have been too passive(sad to admit, myself included) and have allowed too much to be accepted. In a smaller circle where unbelievers know me, they know where I stand and that I will not accept the evilness of this world but on a bigger scale, I haven't protested, but is that where believers should be? I don't know if it's being a witness or just showing a certain conservative "political view"- maybe to some believers they feel led but for me, I don't see that as something I can do, not that I am being passive because if I had to, I would.

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Mini Judi Wilson
Proverbs 14:34 Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin [is] a reproach to any people....

America's system of government is different from any other in history. American Politics is simply a system of law, conceived, implemented and executed by elected representatives.

We, by our vote decide what is and what is not acceptable collective behavior. In America, "the people" ARE the government. We are not ruled by kings or rulers as in Bibical times. If we are not involved in placing Godly people into positions of power to represent God's views and values, we are then, by default, allowing evil to rule.

By our vote and involvment in the political arena, WE dertermine if we will have a righteous nation, or a nation under God's judgment. Silence is not golden here. Our founders and God's providence knew this.

We ARE the shining city on the hill, for the Glory of God. IF, we cover His light with the basket of political correctness, cowardness, laziness or ignorance, (Hosea 4:6)... the world will be in great darkness and evil men will rule. Just look at what is happening in the Bible land today.

We Americans have been blessed above all other nations, and therefore, much more is required of us as Christians. In the face of evil, silence itself is evil.

Remember, God judges nations as well as individuals.. and judgment begins at the house of the Lord. That would be our house as Christians.

We are commissioned to carry the light, so we then are responsible for the evil that darkness brings, if we fail to shine the light in every area of our lives, including government. 

We, the people, ARE the government and God will hold us accountable for what we allow. What a responsibility is ours as Christian Americans. Lord, send revival to your people! 2 Chron. 7:14 Hosea 4:6.

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Andy  3 photo Andy Mangus I am a Christian since October 1979 & devoted truth seeker.
This issue, to me, is one of 'civic duty and responsibility of being a 'Child of God' who happens to have been born and raised in the U.S. God tells us in His Word, that 'we are to support our leaders, pay taxes, etc., and be responsible citizens, while abiding the laws of the land, serving and doing our civic duties, etc., etc...' 

What I have and many others have touched on; or taken issue with, is the issue of what I call "voters apathy and having a weak backbone to stand up for what is right, just and Holy" and understanding that "all who call upon the name of the Lord need to always take a righteous stand to let your voice be heard loud and clear on the political issues at hand". And "be sure and vote accordingly and remain vigilant in process of standing for what is best for this country, it's citizens and the future of all our children". 

We are instructed in scripture "to be IN THE WORLD, BUT NOT OF THIS WORLD" but also instructed to "be vigilant and stand strong in the face of adversity, defending what is right(righteous) and Holy!"

We need strong, faithful and patriotic men like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan and more than several others of like mind taking charge of our country's future! I say, pray and hope for our children's sake and their future that some 'really great and mighty men of God are in our beloved country's very near future!' 

"May God Bless the U.S.A." AMEN! --Andy--

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Mini Bob Reese Bob. Sometimes failing to apply the truth in action.
Jesus said (says) “Therefore render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's.” Kings, Presidents, lawmakers, civil authorities are what makes up a "civil" society. This is only done with God's authority “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. " This includes raising one chief political camp up and removing them. Render (cooperate or submit) to the policies, in any governing elected authority until and unless, God's commandments are disregarded in light of the sinful leadership making decisions in opposition to God's laws. 
Perhaps some research in Christian ethics may be an avenue to pursue from some Godly men and women who have done prayerful queries and thorough investigations and written papers with some insights for studies.

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Mini Frances Maddox
Many questions enter my mind as our culture is disintegrating...
Should we expect our church leaders to teach and speak what God has to say about the immorality in our culture today?

Should we be concerned with 'offending' a fellow Christian when their political views and vote does not measure up to God's standard of behavior for His creations?

Lastly, should offending a fellow Christian trump what God has to say about 
our country's culture that we face in our everyday lives?

I have been struggling with these questions for years..what I can ascertain from reading The Word is the answer to all of the above questions is the same......we need to hear, read and speak God's Plan for our behavior and salvation. Politics is much a part of our witness. Not saying who to vote for but consuming the Bread He has provided..

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Mini Robert Hibbard Retired Christian High School Teacher
I taught Politics and Government for many years in a Christian High School. My first unit of study was "Christian Perspective," in which we studied 1) the concept of Christ's Lordship in all areas of life, including Politics, 2) a Biblical view of government according to Romans 13, 3) church and state (which I have already written about here at e-Bible), 4) and Christian action. 

My focus was always what does the Bible say about issues of the day, either directly or indirectly. Of course there can and will be disagreements, but are they genuinely based on Scripture? Government was established by God and is therefore legitimate, for the purpose of doing justice by doing good for others and punishing the wrongdoer. Christians should work for the good of others as part of who we are, but a question is what and how do it.

So we spent time discussing various ways, including knowing issues by studying them, voting wisely, giving to organizations, working for organizations, sharing views with others, protesting, and others. All of these ways deserve their own scrutiny and serve as options for Christians to do in their own lives.

My whole emphasis was that Politics is not dirty and Christians should stay out of it (as some believe), but rather it is part of God's world over which He has sovereignty and we should view it from His perspective and act as best we can accordingly.

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