Am I responsible for any conscious, sinful decisions I make in my dreams?

That is, if I am aware I am sinning in the dream and choose to sin anyway, am I responsible for that sin? Does it count even though I am asleep?

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Mini Sherry Lefler

I truly hope M. Houdmann answers this one. I asked this of my Jr. pastor at church and didn't feel "satisfied". I have some thoughts about this subject, but I'd rather wait to see what more Learned people will say.

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Closeup Jennifer Rothnie

- If you are a lucid dreamer (naturally or trained), then you are in control of the dream, and the direction the dream is taking. The question would imply a great level of lucidity in the dream, if one is aware of the dream and conscious of choices made.

- Subconscious dreams often deal with unconfessed sins, or show what we have been dwelling on. If dreams frequently deal with crimes, violence, sensuality, or other inappropriate happenings, it is good to examine what one is watching/reading/doing. The fifteen minutes before bed-time affect dreams a lot, so reading scripture or praying is far better than surfing the net.

- It is good to regularly ask God to point out any iniquity we have committed but may have missed, such as with dreams. The spirit is transforming our subconscious minds just as He is transforming our daily lives. Rather than try and escape responsibility, we should just ask Jesus to forgive any unintentional or unknown sins we have committed, and that the Spirit will make us aware of those sins in future.

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