Did adam recieve a conscience as a result of his eating the forbidden fruit?


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What is your definition of conscience?

November 09 2016 Report

Cartoon mitzi Mitzi Swift

Personally, (and just my opinion) I believe that there are 2 aspects to our conscience:
1) the GOD part that frequently is referred to as 'our heart" The part of us that abhors sin and wrongful doing, the part that consistently wants to do what is right in God's Eyes.
2) the other aspect of our conscience is our EGO. I think there is a constant battle within to KILL the Ego and replace it fully with "the heart".

Our conscience is part of our mind and the Bible tells us to put on "the MIND OF CHRIST".

I know it goes much deeper than this and would love to hear other's views.

September 06 2017 Report

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