Is the Bible a fairy tale?


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Shea S. Michael Houdmann Supporter Got Questions Ministries
The charge that the Bible is nothing more than a fairy tale or a book of nice stories is not new. The Bible is undoubtedly the most impactful book the world has ever known, transforming innumerable...

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Mini joyce whaley
Its Simplistic 	

Is the Bible a fairy tale? Hmmm! Absolutely positively NOT! I say this with all sincerity if I had not have had a personal encounter with the Lord Jesus I would have thought that the bible was a bunch of hocus pocus. However I too had a somewhat type of Damascus conversion and the bible is accurate and true and can stand for correction. And what I mean by that is having a complete understanding of the Greek or Hebrew terminology of a word or statement for the original context. So with that I will say until a person has an encounter with the Lord Jesus the bible will not be clear and oftentimes hard to comprehend. Heck even after accepting the Lord Jesus things can perhaps be unclear. However for the Just that lives by faith we wait on the Savior the Spirit of Truth’s and his job is to lead and guide us into all truth John 16 chapter.

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Mini Salem Markus Purba
Fairy tale is defined as 1. a narrative of adventures involving fantastic forces and beings (as fairies, wizards, and goblins); and 2. a made up story usually designed to mislead. (Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary).

A fairy tale is not involving the readers at all, and as a made up story, it can not last long.

The Bible is the word of God, involving the readers and all God's creatures who have a breath of life in them. (Genesis 2: 7; 6: 17); the oldest story in the world, but always new as today's newspapers and has lasted forever.

So, the answer is: NO IT IS NOT!

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Recent photo Jeremy Low Semi-retired business strategist
The Bible was written within the historical-cultural context of the original authors and original audience spanning 2000 to 4000 years. It has genres of history, poems, allegories, prophecies, letters, etc. Most of the authors did not know one day what they wrote would be part of the Bible, but they were inspired by God to record as they loved the LORD (The Shema) and the teachings about the LORD have to be recorded. Depending on the historical period that was written, the author with the audience in mind has crafted his document accordingly. It is not an apologetic document, but a document that relates the LORD with His chosen people in the Old Testament and New Testament. His various covenants whether unilateral or bilateral were methods the LORD demonstrated his love, grace, mercy and justice to mankind.

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