Give Ear to My Voice

Psalm 141

1 LORD, I cry out to You;
Make haste to me!
Give ear to my voice when I cry out to You.
2 Let my prayer be set before You a as incense,
b The lifting up of my hands as c the evening sacrifice.

3 Set a guard, O LORD, over my d mouth;
Keep watch over the door of my lips.
4 Do not incline my heart to any evil thing,
To practice wicked works
With men who work iniquity;
e And do not let me eat of their delicacies.

5 f Let the righteous strike me;
It shall be a kindness.
And let him rebuke me;
It shall be as excellent oil;
Let my head not refuse it.
For still my prayer is against the deeds of the wicked.
6 Their judges are overthrown by the sides of the 1 cliff,
And they hear my words, for they are sweet.
7 Our bones are scattered at the mouth of the grave,
As when one plows and breaks up the earth.

8 But g my eyes are upon You, O GOD the Lord;
In You I take refuge;
2 Do not leave my soul destitute.
9 Keep me from h the snares they have laid for me,
And from the traps of the workers of iniquity.
10 i Let the wicked fall into their own nets,
While I escape safely.

  1. Cross References
    1 Kings 8:45
    Then hear in heaven their prayer and their supplication, and maintain their cause.
    Psalms 9:4
    For You have maintained my right and my cause; You sat on the throne judging in righteousness.
  2. Cross References
    Exodus 30:8
    And when Aaron lights the lamps at twilight, he shall burn incense on it, a perpetual incense before the LORD throughout your generations.
    Luke 1:10
    And the whole multitude of the people was praying outside at the hour of incense.
    Revelation 5:8
    Now when He had taken the scroll, the four living creatures and the twenty-four elders fell down before the Lamb, each having a harp, and golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of the saints.
    Revelation 8:3
    Then another angel, having a golden censer, came and stood at the altar. He was given much incense, that he should offer it with the prayers of all the saints upon the golden altar which was before the throne.
    Revelation 8:4
    And the smoke of the incense, with the prayers of the saints, ascended before God from the angel's hand.
  3. Cross References
    Psalms 134:2
    Lift up your hands in the sanctuary, And bless the LORD.
    1 Timothy 2:8
    I desire therefore that the men pray everywhere, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and doubting.
  4. Cross References
    Exodus 29:39
    One lamb you shall offer in the morning, and the other lamb you shall offer at twilight.
    Exodus 29:41
    And the other lamb you shall offer at twilight; and you shall offer with it the grain offering and the drink offering, as in the morning, for a sweet aroma, an offering made by fire to the LORD.
    1 Kings 18:29
    And when midday was past, they prophesied until the time of the offering of the evening sacrifice. But there was no voice; no one answered, no one paid attention.
    1 Kings 18:36
    And it came to pass, at the time of the offering of the evening sacrifice, that Elijah the prophet came near and said, "LORD God of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel, let it be known this day that You are God in Israel and I am Your servant, and that I have done all these things at Your word.
    Daniel 9:21
    Yes, while I was speaking in prayer, the man Gabriel, whom I had seen in the vision at the beginning, being caused to fly swiftly, reached me about the time of the evening offering.
  5. Cross References
    Proverbs 13:3
    He who guards his mouth preserves his life, But he who opens wide his lips shall have destruction.
    Proverbs 21:23
    Whoever guards his mouth and tongue Keeps his soul from troubles.
  6. Cross References
    Proverbs 23:6
    Do not eat the bread of a miser, Nor desire his delicacies.
  7. Cross References
    Proverbs 9:8
    Do not correct a scoffer, lest he hate you; Rebuke a wise man, and he will love you.
    Ecclesiastes 7:5
    It is better to hear the rebuke of the wise Than for a man to hear the song of fools.
    Galatians 6:1
    Brethren, if a man is overtaken in any trespass, you who are spiritual restore such a one in a spirit of gentleness, considering yourself lest you also be tempted.
  8. Cross References
    2 Chronicles 20:12
    "O our God, will You not judge them? For we have no power against this great multitude that is coming against us; nor do we know what to do, but our eyes are upon You."
    Psalms 25:15
    My eyes are ever toward the LORD, For He shall pluck my feet out of the net.
  9. Cross References
    Psalms 119:110
    The wicked have laid a snare for me, Yet I have not strayed from Your precepts.
New King James Version (NKJV) Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson, Inc.
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