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Ginger Peacock

Christian : Born Again - Florence Assembly Of God
I Once WAS LOST, But Jesus Was Always There With ME! He SAVED MY Life,
HE Carried Me Through All Of My Pain and Hurt, Washing My Sins and My Shame away IN HIS Precious Blood! Jesus Told Me How Much He Loved Me, And HE Carried My Sins ( All The Hate, Shame, Bitterness, Broken Promises) To The Cross; Where HE DIED IN AGONY FOR OUR Sins To BE FORGIVEN & FORGOTTEN: Go And Sin No More!  He Has RISEN, Being Born Again: Having A New Heart Created By The Lord And Being A New Creation, The Old Me DIED On The Cross With Jesus!  I BELONG TO JESUS, ACT & TALK THAT WAY!!!  Follow HIS EXAMPLE!!!

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Is "Whoever calls on the name of Lord will be saved" contradictory to the Calvinist/Reformed theory of 'limited atonement?'

My Belief Is That If You Do Not Know Who The Sheep Is That Jesus Is Speaking...

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