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Patricio Villanueva

Retired banker in search of the REAL TRUTH.
Believer of the OT and NT and believer of the teachings of our Savior.
Have been studying the word for the last 47 years and my main goal is to understand its wisdom and to get the secrets from those little details that always make a BIG difference.

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Where does the Old Testament refer to the Second Coming?

Bible students have mentioned that the celebrations contained and mandated by...

Comment 2 More Answers 1 Vote Asked June 24 2021


Where does the Old Testament predict the coming of Christ?

The word has so many clues about many things contained in it. One of those is...

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What might be some reasons that God is not blessing my life?

We know that our Lord is our Celestial Father. And a good father loves his...

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Why do many worship and do Sabbath on Sunday instead of Saturday?

The Lord rested on the seventh day, shabbat, from His work of Creation. Also...

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