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Tim Darden

Retired from corporate America
I am a Christian who happens to worship in a Southern Baptist church.  I received Christ at age 37 and I deeply regret the many years I squandered.  My passion is discipleship and I aspire to live daily as a selfless servant (Rom 12:1).  I never understood before my salvation that true and lasting peace only comes from the Lord and I desperately needed His peace.  This truth serves as my platform to live by example as a witness to others. The storms of life have also taught me to appreciate the peaceful days and to not take them for granted.  

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Is the spirit of man reserved exclusively for the Spirit of God to communicate?

I understand this passage to declare that Adam died spiritually and was cut...

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Why did the leper say to Jesus, "If you are willing, you can make me clean"?

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What should we learn from the golden calf incident in Exodus 32?

The children of Israel had seen many signs and wonders performed by God...

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How can we rely on the power of God?

I have found that when God wanted to a work through people in the Bible that...

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Why is doulos translated slave sometimes and bond servant others?

I believe the word slave may be more accurate. Servants can be hired, but...

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