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What happens after death, before the Resurrection?

When we die, we go to the grave and return to the dust again like the beast....

1 Comments 24 More Answers 3 Votes Asked December 02 2014


What will we be doing in heaven?

Actually, we won't go to 'heaven'. When we die we go to the grave. The...

4 Comments 14 More Answers Asked December 02 2014


Where is King David now?

Well, if you look at Hebrews 11:32, you can use whatever version you desire,...

2 Comments 4 More Answers Asked December 02 2014


Who wrote the book of Genesis?

That's a good question because the Bible isn't specific in saying the answer,...

Comment 3 More Answers 2 Votes Asked August 07 2013


What does it mean that man is made in the image of God?

The Hebrew word for "God" is actually "Elohim". The word Elohim means "mighty...

12 Comments 11 More Answers 1 Vote Asked August 06 2013


What is the battle of Armageddon?

The word "Armageddon" derives from three words "arma" which means, "a heap of...

1 Comments 3 More Answers Asked August 06 2013


Did God use the Big Bang to create the universe?

If you read the first chapter of the Bible, Genesis 1, you will see that God...

1 Comments 21 More Answers 13 Votes Asked July 19 2013


If God is so forgiving, and he forgives everyone of their sins, why is there a judgment day?

Where in the WHOLE Bible does it say that everyone has their sins forgiven...

5 Comments 11 More Answers 2 Votes Asked July 15 2013


Is there any sin that God will not forgive?

A sin which cannot be forgiven is found in Matthew 12:31-32. Also look up...

Comment 14 More Answers 2 Votes Asked July 15 2013


What is the significant of the scribes?

Scribes were observers and interpreters of the Law. They thought that what...

Comment 2 More Answers Asked May 31 2013


Did fallen angels inter-marry with humans?

That's a great question! But nowhere in the Scriptures does it say that these...

Comment 4 More Answers 4 Votes Asked May 31 2013