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Missionary in San Diego California
Missionary sounds unusual for San Diego California.  However, I have been a missionary all my life to one degree or another.  I started out when I was 4 years old as an active Jehovah’s Witness going from door to door with a message about God’s Kingdom.  I served in mission work which they call Pioneering.  My wife and I were called back to their headquarters in Brooklyn New York and served there for five years.  Upon returning to San Diego my wife continued in mission work while I went to college.  I completed my coursework with two masters degrees relating to earth science and engineering.  I have continued my studies over time until I completed a practical ThD in Biblical Apologetics.
In the mid 80ties, we studied our way out of Jehovah’s Witnesses and were baptized into Jesus Christ.  Since then my wife and I have been associated with Free Minds which seeks to help former Jehovah’s Witnesses and other similar cults.  We are also involved with a Does God Exist ministry in an effort to show that the Bible and Science are not in conflict especially with regard to geology.  
Presently, we are associated with the La Jolla Community Church and the Torrey Pines Church in San Diego.  In both Churches our service involves coordinating the arrangements for Communion.  Additionally, we have just started producing short Youtube Videos on interesting Bible topics.  You can see the first one dealing with Abraham and Isaac’s experience and how it parallels Jesus sacrifice, departure and eventual return for his Bride.  It can be seen at:
Our next project is a five part series about Adam and Eve’s fall into sin.  There is far more to the story than simple disobedience.  One can see why Eve disobeyed, she was fooled by the Devil.  However, what was Adam to gain by being disobedient.  He had everything to lose and nothing to gain, but he wasn’t created stupid.  So, why may he have chosen to eat the forbidden fruit?  That is a questions that begs an answer.

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