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How does an atheist who wants to become a Christian gain the faith to believe in God?

I understand being hurt by others, but that has nothing to do with their...

Comment 8 More Answers 4 Votes Asked February 06 2016


Does James 5:14-16 promise that God is going to heal (physically, on earth) every believing Christian who asks in faith for healing?

2Tim 3:16 All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for...

Comment 1 More Answer 1 Vote Asked February 06 2016


When should we stop preaching to the same person?

'While it is still called TODAY'... and as long as they have breath in...

Comment 4 More Answers 2 Votes Asked February 04 2016


Does Acts 2:46 in the 'breaking of bread from house to house' refer to communion?


Acts 2:46

46 And day by day, attending the temple together and breaking bread in their homes, they received their food with glad and generous hearts.

Comment 2 Answers 1 Vote Asked February 08 2014


When is it right to leave a church?

The Bible says LOVE never fails, 1 Cor 13:8; and FAITH worketh by LOVE, Gal...

Comment 1 More Answer 1 Vote Asked January 06 2014


Is communion for believers or non-believers?

Communion is for the believer 1 Cor 11:26 tells us, 'it is to show the Lord's...

Comment 4 More Answers 4 Votes Asked December 31 2013


Why did the Pharisees ask Jesus about divorce in Matthew 19:3?

The verse itself answers the question. The word "test" means: to try, make...

2 Comments 1 More Answer 2 Votes Asked December 30 2013


Can a person's faith be weak/fallible because they are not one of God's elect?

All people are God's 'elect'.. many are called, few are chosen (Mat 22:14; &...

Comment 2 More Answers 6 Votes Asked December 10 2013