Who was Eutychus in the Bible?


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Eutychus, whose name means "fortunate," had the misfortune of falling out of a window-and the fortune of experiencing a miracle directly afterwards. The account of Eutychus's accident is found in A...

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Eutychus was a young man who fell asleep during a sermon. Paul knew he only had a short time with them so he preached all evening and eventually all night. 

Anyone who has experienced the unfortunate situation of being sleepy during a sermon like Eutychus can relate to Luke’s statement in Acts 20:9, “Paul talked on and on.”Sometimes I get really tired during a sermon and start to nod off, but have never fallen asleep for more than a few seconds, fortunately.
(When you get older, it's harder getting enough sleep). 

Anyway, See this one comment by a commentator which is hard for me to believe: Eutychus, a careless backslider received Paul's words with indifference and inattention (Acts 20:9). This, to me, is difficult to believe because Paul was the speaker of the hour. Hours actually. And it was the last day of a weeklong visit to Troas. He talked until about midnight. That would surely cause me to fall asleep, too! (I'm a morning person). But since Eutychus was sitting on a windowsill at the time, he fell asleep, fell out of the window, and fell down 3 stories to his death. At this time, Paul ran and hugged him. 

Eutychus revived--was resurrected, because he was dead. 
This, too, happened when Elijah and Elisha hugged young ones who had died. (Miller). -- 1 Kings 17:21; 2 Kings 4:34.
I heard in a sermon once that Eutychus fell asleep (Acts 20:9) because the oil lamps made people lethargic. Acts 20:8 “And there were many lights in the upper chamber, where they were gathered together.”

“Lights”: The fumes given off by these oil-burning lamps help explain why Eutychus fell asleep (Acts 20:9). 
As time came to dismiss her class, a Sunday School teacher asked: “What do we learn from Eutychus?”
One little girl’s hand shot up, “That the pastor shouldn’t talk too long.”
That little girl may have been absolutely right.

Locker says, "Eutychus [Eū'ty̆chŭs]—happy or fortunate. A young man of Troas who fell asleep during Paul’s long sermon, fell off his window seat, broke his neck, and was taken up as dead. Paul, however, revived him (Acts 20:7-12). Dr. Alexander Whyte speaks of Eutychus as “the father of all such as fall asleep under sermons.”

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