Is it possible to be Christian and pro-choice at the same time?


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Data Sarah Winn

I am a believer in the life of a child starting from the embryo. I am pro life. I also believe that each person does have a choice to make.

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Data Danny Hickman

Questions like this one do a great service for believers by exposing some of the reasons why the church is so segregated.

This question actually asks the POSSIBILITY of being saved and politically liberal. And it's been answered here that NO, if you're "pro choice" you're not saved. "A christian" is how it was termed, but I think that substitutes for being "born again."

So a person who thinks the population should decide for a raped woman whether she gives birth to a baby fathered by a rapist can be "a christian." And a person who thinks the woman who gets pregnant by a rapist should decide for herself whether to trust God for the outcome of such a horrible situation, can't be "a christian."

In the United States the whole population is the government, not just the "good people." The whole population (government) allows a woman to terminate a pregnancy "on demand." The same people allows the "state" (whole population) to put CERTAIN people to death for heinous crimes. It's also "on demand" because of the inequitable way it's used.

Now I want to make a broad statement like the one that's been made here about people who are "pro choice."

My question is: Is it POSSIBLE to be christian and pro death penalty at the same time? NO... if you're for casting the "first stone" you're claiming to be "without sin" (John 8), so there's no way you've repented. That's like the guy who said he has never asked to be forgiven because he hasn't done anything wrong. He's pro life... *

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