What does the Bible mean when it says 'The fool says in his heart, 'There is no God''?


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Shea S. Michael Houdmann Supporter Got Questions Ministries
Both Psalm 14:1 and Psalm 53:1 read, "The fool says in his heart, 'There is no God.'" Some take these verses to mean that atheists are stupid, i.e., lacking intelligence. However, that is not the o...

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9aa51e4b447252291b959c696fb96539 400x400 Jeremiah Kaaya Pastor at Springs of Power Church, Teacher by professional
Psalms 14:1: "....a fool has said in his heart; there is no God...." It sounds quite abusive and insulting, but since the Bible has phrased it the way it is; it gives us space to discuss it in those terms. It is indeed to express foolishness for one to say there is no God.

A few questions though;
Why does the Bible refer to such a person as a fool?
Was it intended to abuse and insult?
What is the intention of the person who says so?

Why does the Bible refer to such a person as a fool?
I believe this Psalm was written by David. David loved God wholesomely. He knew Him as his only source of everything. If God was/is the source of all for David, who is yours? As that, to David and many of us, for one to say there is no God is sheer foolishness. Why? There is every evidence that God is there. Science is limited and we have nothing more than that other than spiritual. Is there anything else we can do to believe God is there? Yes, but not by intellectual or human means! Does He want us to blindly believe in Him? No. If so, Jesus wouldn't have come and the Bible wouldn't have been written.

Now that human capacity is limited in approving or disapproving much, then what? This is my submission. I believe;there must be a being over and above who is in charge of all. If I can't even tell what my wife thinks, despite the fact that I share so much with her. Who is that other person in me or in you that can't be seen by anybody else? He must be only visible to somebody else called God. Human science has failed to tell us of such. As that, a person who says there is no God is a fool because he/she has not sat down to meditate and ponder on such issues with a much more balanced mind. I believe God is there, but I am not doing so blindly, I do because even if I wasn't to, there is overwhelmingly enough for me to believe God is there. If even air, which is not in solid form is counted as matter!

Was it intended to abuse and insult?
No it wasn't, it was only for explanatory purposes. It is more meaningful and understood phrased and asked that way.
Many people only come to such a conclusion; "...there is no God.." because they want to assume to do away with God. They feel they should be independent of God. But God is all loving and patient with us in the hope that our life journeys will become a testimony upon which we can build our faith in God. That is why even if you are an atheist, you still live, because God means well for you.

No body in this world has no spiritual lenience. Even atheists you will realize they readily accept an opposing spirit to the power of God. Such are all the devils schemes. To deny God is there is simply to try to resist God's overwhelming power and manifestation. It actually tells there is a voice in you which you are trying to quiet up. Mark you, to deny Obama is US President is not to say he is not. Even though you hate and do not like him, it doesn't make him any lesser a president. 

God's power will always act on you, even though you deny He is. That is why you will helplessly die anyway. Not so? There are many things we would want to be under our control, but we can't. We can only pray about them if we are to. I wish you had the power to manage every bit of yourself...! When a child is attacked, he/she looks to an adult for help. The adult can do what the child can't. Not so? To be atheist is only to wish and be rebellious.

What is the intention of the person who says so?
The intention of the person who denies there is God is simple; just trying to use their little energy to fight God back. But He remains God anyway.

As that, once again, to deny God is there is to be foolish more to God and less to us. He would do whatever and He has whatever it takes to drown you. He is only giving you space to get to know by yourself. Mark you, He is watching closely! So it is foolish to deny God is there because it means you have not thought harder. Try to think harder! All tells God is there, how about you?

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My picture Jack Gutknecht ABC/DTS graduate, guitar music ministry Baptist church
Our English word fool comes from a Latin word that means “bellows,” suggesting that the fool is a person “full of hot air.”

“There is no God.” 

Believing this lie frees the wicked to do whatever they please, for they become their own god. “You shall be as God” (Gen. 3:5; 6:5). Wiersbe

As Michael briefly mentioned, “Psalm 14 is duplicated in Psalm 53”, but let me add, there are 2 changes: Psalm 53 uses the name “God” (Elohim) instead of “Jehovah” and replaces Ps 14:6 with an addition to Ps 14:5.

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