Can God hear our thoughts?


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Andy  3 photo Andy Mangus

Yes, most definitely!! "For whom has known the mind of God or knows the breathe and width and magnitude of our God!" God is and always been "all-knowing, all-existant, all-powerful omnipotent, omnipresent and so beyond our human understanding or comprehension! Can God hear our thoughts? Of course He can! And, as a child of God, that is a good thing! If you ask or request of Him when you pray, -to guide, guard and direct your paths so that you can stay on His paths of righteousness" then you should only want Him always to know your thoughts so His Holy Spirit will guide, correct or direct you to 'keep you on His pathways!!' --Andy--

June 08 2016 Report

Data Danny Hickman

God doesn't need to hear our thoughts. He KNOWS the content of our minds. God doesn't have to wait until we're born to know anything about us. He told Hagar what kind of man her son Ishmael would be, for example (Gn 16:11,12). Worrying about God judging us is a waste of time. God does not look upon evil. That's why Isaiah says "Your sins have hidden His face from you so that He does not hear." (Isa 59:2) Sin doesn't cause God to not hear, it causes Him to turn His attention away from us. When we sin in private He's not looking. He doesn't have to look, He knew well ahead of time what we were planning (Prov 16:30).

March 18 2020 Report

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