Why do some Christians that believe we must keep the 10 commandments only advocate nine, believing the fourth commandment abolished?

That is, for those Christians that believe we must keep the ten commandments or should keep them as part of our spiritual walk, why is there a seemingly double standard, with only nine taught and the 4th commandment about the Sabbath removed and seen as nonessential?

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Mini Michael Harris

Many teach Jesus "BROKE" the Sabbath. This is based on 1 of 3 things: 1) Healing the sick on the Sabbath (Mat 12:10; Mk 3:2; Lk 6:7; 13:14; 14:3), 2) Eating bread with unwashed hands (Mat 15:2; Mk 7:5) or 3) Plucking grain to eat on the Sabbath (Mat 12:1; Mk 2:23, Luke 6:1). When this is taught, people have no idea what they are doing or teaching.

When it's taught "Jesus "BROKE" the Sabbath," Jesus is disqualified as being the Christ. For if He ever broke the Sabbath (even once)... He sinned against the Law of God and did not lead a sinless life. The Lamb was therefore not spotless! This contradicts 2 Cor 5:21 and 1 Pet 2:21-22.

This is an error of ignorance not knowing the Law of God (Torah) vs. "the traditions of the elders" or "Traditions of Men" (Talmud) which Jesus opposed. None of the 3 things above violate the Sabbath in the Torah. However, all of them violate the traditions of men. Teaching Jesus broke the Sabbath agrees with the Pharisees and opposes God as He states Jesus was without any sin.

Teaching Jesus changed any part of the Law violates Deut 13; makes Jesus a sinner and disqualifies Him as the Christ. Jesus alone saves us from "the curse of the Law" which is death (Gal 3:13). Keeping the Sabbath BECAUSE you are saved and not TO BE saved is right and good... as is observing "all things I have commanded" (Mat 28:20) which is the entire "Word" who is Jesus. My fear in knowing Mat 5:18 is not ones salvation, but in Mat 5:19 and their eternal position.

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