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Michael Harris

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How can we know that the Bible is inspired, infallible, and inerrant?

The question is simple... "How can we KNOW that the Bible is inspired,...

Comment 2 More Answers Asked July 07 2019


What is the significance of 153 large fish in John 21:1-11?

All creation is founded on a mathematical formula! EVERYTHING in Scripture...

1 Comments 4 More Answers Asked March 04 2016


What should we learn from the life of Joseph?

Like Moses (Deut 18:15), the life of Joseph is a “prophetic type” of Messiah....

Comment 6 More Answers Asked November 13 2015


Who were the kings of Israel and Judah?

This question is far more important than you might think. It is a question in...

Comment 1 More Answer Asked September 22 2014


What is the 'age of accountability' and is it Biblical?

"What is the age of accountability?" “Is it in Scripture?” The answer will...

2 Comments 22 More Answers 7 Votes Asked September 21 2014


Can the parents faith in Christ save a baby that dies?

A few responses here mention an "age of accountability." This is the correct...

8 Comments 6 More Answers Asked September 21 2014


Did Jesus fulfill all the Old Testament prophecies?

Assuming that you mean prophecies about the Messiah, the short answer to O/T...

Comment 4 More Answers 1 Vote Asked September 18 2014


In scripture, what does "The Lord's Day" mean?

The plain truth of the matter is... there is a reason "the Lord's Day" is not...

2 Comments 6 More Answers 4 Votes Asked September 17 2014


Why do some Christians that believe we must keep the 10 commandments only advocate nine, believing the fourth commandment abolished?

There are three key points regarding the Sabbath. With regard to the Ten...

Comment 2 More Answers 4 Votes Asked August 30 2014