Is it wrong to read the Bible online?


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Image Thomas K M A retired Defence Scientist from Indian Defence R&D Orgn.
In my view,I think there is nothing wrong in reading the Bible online. When you read the Bible, whether online or through Book, the Word of God should be embedded in our spirit. You will get many revelations once you read the Word of God in spirit. According to scripture you are the temple of God (1 Cor.3:16) That means the Triune God lives in you. When you synchronize your spirit with Holy Spirit, the Word of God will become clear to you. When you are in spirit realm, you get inspiration to read the Bible. According to Scripture, the word of God is Sharper than the double edged sword (Heb.4:12). 
It is immaterial, whether you read the Bible online or not.

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Stringio Joshua Logsdon
No, there is nothing wrong with reading a Bible in electronic format. It is wise though to also own a Bible in print that you are comfortable with and trust. This is because it allows you to be less dependent on the internet and electricity being always available to you.

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Mini Carrie Burr Christ's work in progress, saved by grace. Widowed.
I think making the Bible available online is very convenient, but more than that it is a blessing, as it is a means of reaching even more people for Christ.

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1407634266 Michell Nelson
I think it's okay to read the Bible online but I think you should still read from the printed book. The Bible is not a regular book and there's something hallow about opening it, turning the pages, and letting the Holy Spirit leap off of the pages. 

I think always reading the Bible online can become too sterilized.

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Mini Panagioti Grammatikos
Excellent question. I see nothing wrong (personally) with reading the bible online. It is just another means to learn and grow when you don't have a print copy with you. The value of the bible is not the paper and cover and pretty bookmark but rather the message, teaching and information that one gains by truly committing to reading the bible.

In my background I studied print media and specifically specialised and did my post-graduate in book publishing (specifically printed books). If we look back to when The Bible was first recorded though, the only technology available then was papyrus, scrolls and stone tablets.

The Internet is just another means or format. I first discovered this site (ebible.com) from the mobile app. Now rather than wasting time liking a status or mindlessly entertaining myself with silly games, I’m actually using putting those hours into something of value. Even more interestingly, my spark to start reading The Bible came from an accidental click on a Google Ad that led me to Christian website. We never know just when and where God calls us. 

Here in Africa, illiteracy is still a big problem; audiobook versions of The Bible makes it possible to again reach out to even more people.

Revelation 14:6 "Then I saw another angel flying in mid-air, and he had the eternal gospel to proclaim to those who live on the earth--to every nation, tribe, language and people." (NIV)

The Internet makes spreading the word over distance and translation possible. Also it’s great that you can quickly and easily cross-reference between translations for better understanding..

One thing though, batteries run flat, power outages happen, Internet connection isn't always available, a print book format of The Bible solves all three of those issues simultaneously. And be careful not to become easily distracted online adverts, pop-up pages, and the urge to tweet a verse you think applies to your best friend. The devil will try anything to lead people astray. Focus, be committed whole heartedly to learning and understanding God's message, and then by all means afterwards tweet your friends - you never know it might be just the spark they needed.;)

I believe God is Omnipresent – I’m sure this would extend to online.

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Raccoo Bob Johnson Layperson. Self Educated Theologically - see full bio
It is absolutely good to read the Bible in any format. The Holy Spirit works with the Word no matter how it is presented.

The only reason I can think of for this question is that somehow, some people, think the printed word, or the physical book is somehow, in some way, "magical." I know that is not what they intend to mean when they say the printed text is more hallowed or holy. But that is the end result of such talk. A printed Bible is just paper and ink. There is nothing holy about it except it contains God's word. Take the same paper and the same ink, but different words, and it is not holy.

In the same way, the electronic world is not holy either. But put the Holy revelation of God in a computer and that format is just as holy because it is the Holy Spirit who makes those words alive in your heart.

That said: I just love reading a printed book, whether it is the Bible, the Works of J.R.R Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, or Edgar Allen Poe. 

I have a friend who was saved after reading a quote from the Bible in a Facebook post. His only access to the Bible was online. He reads everything online. He is savvy online. It's what he is used to and comfortable with. He even takes notes, highlights passages, and bookmarks pages online.

So, there is no problem with reading the Bible online. But I would get a printed one in case the electricity goes out.

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Mini Walrus theCat

One of my favorite sites in the world is http://biblehub.com. You can go through parallel translations, straight to the original Hebrew / Greek, have a bunch of commentators throughout the centuries on any given verse, instantly! 

For me, reading the Bible in printed form is a "special case", when I want to be "devotional" for instance. Even then, my fingers are itching to go get the Greek, or find out what Fausset said about a topic, or so on and so forth. 

The resources we have at our disposal are amazing (even our ability to connect on this question, for instance), and we should use them with thanks and joy!

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Stringio Vernita Black
I don't see anything wrong with reading the bible on line, once you have great discipline. I have found it difficult because when I start reading a message or some distracting will pop up. So for me it's not a good idea.

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Mini Chigolaure Savofrancis
I don't see anything wrong at reading the Bible online, I even think it is a great way to reach even more people with the word of God.

I actually like listening to and read the word of God at the same time on my computer - this is a time I cut off from everything around me and concentrate only on God and His word.

On the other hand I also like having a print version of the Bible, to mark verses when reading the word of God, write some notes - or when I decide to spend a day "off" without internet, computer, etc.

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Stringio Helena Jones
I am glad to see this question, because when a fellow Christian sister made her various complaints to me about why she was failing to spend time in God's word daily, I suggested to her to use her cell phone to receive his Word. Her answer to me was she didn't like the idea of reading God's word online. I say God knew about the era of technology prior to a computer ever being thought of and he knew it would be used for good and bad. I use this ebible application and others like it, and have found them to be helpful in more than one way to have access to the Lord's word. I love the community aspect of it and believe that God is working computers for the good of those of us who love him. 

Some are called to use the computer to spread the gospels, so that goes to show you that God knew we would eventually access his word via internet. I will share with you that my fellow Christian sister that I mention to you comes from a background of witchcraft and then her family later went into the catholic faith. Often times people will have a polytheistic view of serving God, though they are not aware that they are doing so, especially if they are not feeding the spirit man with the word daily!

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Img 1646 John Olson
In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with reading the Bible on line. In fact being a single-armed stroke survivorIi use one during church services as using a book is problematic. Personally I prefer a printed copy, although the words are the same, the feeling seems different.

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In answer to your question, no! Not only do we read the bible from its leather and hard backs, but we can read it online (Internet), and other devices, as well.

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