What happened to the descendants of Cain? Did they survive the flood?


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► No. Cain's descendants did NOT survive the flood

Cain’s line is mentioned only to the seventh generation in Gen. 4:16-24). Cain's line did not survive after flood. This is because, the line of Seth alone survived the flood, so we know this is true.

Why Cain's line did not survive after the blood. Let's study...

► On contrary, It is a matter of record that Seth’s children were as ungodly as Cain’s. The firstborn of Seth even started idolatry, as proven in The Line of Seth. Apostasy began in Seth’s line with his firstborn. Gen. 4:26 literally reads, "then men began to call themselves by the name of Jehovah," or "call upon their gods (idols) by the name of Jehovah." If true worship began here then what kind of worship was that of Adam, Abel, Seth and others up to this time (Gen. 3:21; 4:1-15; Heb. 11:4)? 

Seth’s line and others were so ungodly at the time of Enoch that he prophesied their destruction (Jude 1). He also foretold the flood, because he called his son Methuselah meaning, "when he is dead it (the flood) shall come." Where were all the many so-called "sons of God" from Seth’s line during those last six hundred years? God told Noah that he was the only righteous one in the earth (Gen. 7:1). 

All flesh was corrupt, hence, the judgment upon all flesh except eight persons. If Seth’s line hadn’t failed, God wouldn’t have destroyed them along with the ungodly. Even Noah’s family wasn’t saved because they were godly, but because they were pure Adamic stock(meaning this family tree was never mixed with angels or the children born of angels)

► With the exception of Noah and his family all flesh had corrupted his way upon the earth before the flood (Gen. 6:12), which means the entire race (besides Noah’s family) had become a mixture of fallen angels and men, or giants. Only Noah and his family had kept their lineage pure from Adam, which is really why they were saved in the ark. They were the only ones capable of giving the race a new, clean start after the flood. It is said of Noah that he was a just man and perfect in his generations (Gen. 6:9). 

The Hebrew for "perfect" is tamiym (H8549), which means without blemish. It is the technical word for physical perfection, not moral perfection. It is so used of the sacrificial animals of the Old Testament which had to be of pure stock and without blemish (Ex. 12:5; 29:1; Lev. 1:3; 3:1-6; 4:3,23-32; 5:15-18; 6:6; 9:2-3; Ezek. 43:22-25; 45:18-23), without spot (Num. 19:2; 28:3-11; 29:17,26), and undefiled (Ps. 119:1). Used of Noah, this word means that he and his sons were the only pure Adamic left, and for such purity, they (regardless of their position in personal holiness) were all preserved in the ark.

In the light of above biblical reasons, Cain's line did NOT get to survive through the flood.

Hope these clarify....

Shalom, Selva Moses

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