Would anyone have ever gone to Hell if Satan had never existed?


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Mini Bryan Myers Minister of the Body of Christ
The word hell is translated into English from the Hebrew Sheol; and the Greek Hades. Both of these refer to the place of the dead. As Jesus showed in the story of the rich man and Lazarus, recorded in the Gospel of Luke 16: 19-31; the place of the dead was separated into two distinct regions. One of the righteous, the other for the wicked. There is a great gulf between the two and one cannot pass between the two.

So, to answer your question. If Lucifer had maintained his place and not sinned against the Lord GOD, death would not have come upon man. That death being the separation from the LORD. The Tree of Life was not banned to Adam and Eve until after the fall. I have found many different thoughts as to whether Adam and Eve were immortal prior to the fall, but Scripture is clear that their sin caused them to lose fellowship with the LORD. I feel that physical death would have come upon them without the spiritual separation that even now exists for those that are not in Christ. Without the separation from the LORD, there would have been no need for a place for the wicked.

More important though than conjecture about what may have happened, we need to ensure our right standing before God in Christ Jesus. Jesus clearly stated,..."I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, no man comes unto the Father but through Me". (Jn 14:6) If you are not in right standing in Christ, there are no second chances, again refer to the story of the rich man and Lazarus.

I pray that this has helped to answer your question. God bless you and give you the understanding that you seek.

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David 2011 David Robinson Army 1SG, firefighter, consultant (CFPS) - retired from all!
This question presents a pure hypothetical since we know that Satan does in fact exist. The answer then must be based on philosophical speculation rather than scripture and such answers should always be considered suspect.

However, there is at least one scripture reference that may point toward a biblical answer to this hypothetical question. That passage is Matthew 25:41 where Jesus says directly that hell was prepared for the devil and his angels. Since hell was prepared for Satan and his angels, one might logically conclude that if Satan never existed there would be no hell for people to go to. The answer then would be, no. This information actually makes the question logically invalid because it now contains the answer within question. If Satan never existed then hell would not exist. No one can go to a place that doesn't exist.

But, without Satan, this would be a completely different universe! To even consider such a possibility leads us into speculation about alternative creations: could God have created a different cosmos that would still accomplish all His purposes for creation? I think the answer is clearly "no." This is the perfect universe in which to accomplish God's purposes for creation.

To begin with, it is safe to assume that if it were possible to create a better existence in which God could accomplish His purposes, He most certainly would have created that existence instead of this one. He is perfect and all He does is perfect. His creation - this world - is perfect for His purposes and from His perspective (Genesis 1:31).

From all we can gather from scripture, God's purpose for creating centers around His desire to be known. Romans 1:20 makes it clear that God reveals Himself to and through His creation. From front to back the Bible is about God lovingly revealing Himself to His creation progressively throughout redemptive history, primarily through the Jewish people in the OT and ultimately through Jesus in the NT (Hebrews 1:1-3). This world, with humanity as its center piece, is the perfect setting for God to reveal Himself.

Although we would prefer a different world (i.e., without sin and suffering), such a world would not be adequate to fully and accurately reveal God's nature, attributes and character. Once He has fully accomplished His purpose of self-revelation, then we will "know as we are known," (1 Corinthians 13:12) and we will enjoy Him in a new heaven and earth (Rev 21:1) where all things are made right.

We might be led by such discussion to ask why God created to begin with? Was it necessary for Him to create? It seems apparent to me that God could not be forced, coerced, or compelled to create by any entity or law outside Himself (there are none), yet it was entirely inevitable that He would create because it is His nature to do so. He is creative by nature, and He never violates His nature. He did not create out of necessity, but out of a pure expression of His divine creative nature and desire for self-revelation.

So, could God have created a universe without a Satan figure with or without a literal hell? Of course. He has the ability to do anything doable that does not violate His nature. But, a universe without Satan or hell would be an entirely different universe than ours and would not adequately accomplish God's purposes. Although the reality of Satan and hell offends our human sensibilities, they are necessary parts of the design of God's cosmos to best meet His intent for His creation.

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