How old was Isaac when Abraham offered him as a sacrifice?


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Mini Bryan Myers Minister of the Body of Christ
Scripture never states directly Isaac's age when Abraham was tested by the LORD with his offering if Isaac upon the altar. However, a study of the original language indicates the word lad is translated from the Hebrew word na'ar. This is the same word used in Genesis chapter 21 in reference to Ishmael, who was at least 13 hears of age when he and Hagar were sent away. The word na'ar can indicate a male from childhood up to but not reaching adulthood. This depends upon the context in which it is used. 

Looking at the context of Genesis 22, and the fact that Isaac was able to carry the wood for the fire, I infer that he was a young man possibly in his early teens, but definitely under 20 years of age.

The word na'ar is translate as youth in 1 Sam 17 when Saul is speaking with David about him facing Goliath of Gath

As with many things in the Bible, it is my personal view that when something is not clearly stated, study the context. If no clearer answer remains then the issue is not one of importance for our salvation or else God would have told us.

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Image41 Ezekiel Kimosop
Scripture does not indicate the age of Isaac when he was to be offered as a sacrifice. However given the kind of question he raised to the father in Genesis 21:7, he was certainly a lad. One may argue that if Abraham was able to tie him down he must have been fairly young, probably under 10 years of age but again this is just mere speculation. 

The issue of the age ofIsaac is less important compared to the lesson that emerges from this passage which demonstrates that God indeed provides the sacrifice. The Hebrew text actually states "the LORD will be seen". Most English translations state the LORD will provide (Jehovajireh). 

God provided a lamb in the place of Isaac so that he lived and not died and has provided Jesus who died on our behalf and took away our sins so that we may live forever in God's presence..

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According to my opinion about the given question above, it can be seen in the Bible about the age of Sarah and Abraham Genesis 17:17.

Abraham was one hundred years old while Sarah was ninety years old when the messengers of God came to them and gave to them prophecy of having a child in the same time after one year that means one year should be added to their age to get their age when Isaac was born.

Then in Genesis 23:1 Here we can see the death of Sarah was soon after the sacrifice made by Abraham instead of offering Isaac. Sarah died at one hundred and twenty one years old.

That means at that time the age of Isaac was thirty six years old. Then few years should be subtracted to get the actual age of Isaac during Abraham sacrificial.

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D7f2833176c84d73aa265f9310979ee9 JUSTIN ANAELE
Going by the Bible account on the age of Abraham: when Isaac was born being a 100 years of age and Sarah being 90, also considering other variables that were present, I believe Isaac would be in his teens between 16 and 18 years of age, but not more than 20 years.

My reasons are these:
1. Abraham being over 115 years of age and still able to bundle Isaac and tie him.
2. Being a matter of life and death, Isaac would have offered some kind of resistance to him being tied by his aged father, but the resistance not man enough to overcome the father.
3. Saying Isaac is over 25 as some suggested is out of place since Abraham cannot be able to overcome such a young man in vigor of strength.

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E5a234e5 6e0e 424d ba62 8fc22b691ef5 Renwick Harms
In my opinion, Isaac was probably 33 years old. The number one reason being the age of Jesus dying on the cross. Most Christians would agree that everything written in the Old Testament points directly towards the New, meaning Jesus. The entire Old Testament is a testament of Jesus Christ himself. Isaac carries all the wood for the offering himself up the mountain. This shows that he is a strong man. As well, Jesus carries his own wood for the sacrifice (the cross), up the mountain. Jesus is a willing sacrifice. My suggestion is that Isaac is also a willing sacrifice. There is no need for Abraham to overpower Isaac. Isaac is not resisting his father any more than Jesus was resisting His Father. We know that many if not all numbers in the Old Testament correspond to the New Testament. This would make perfect sense to me.

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