How could there be light on the first day of Creation if the sun was not created until the fourth day?


Genesis 1:1 - 31

ESV - 1 In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. 2 The earth was without form and void, and darkness was over the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.

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Belfastfella Casper Mcconnell

In counting the days of Creation beginning with darkness and light day 1 before sunlight and earth night and day 4 we are not using a time clock of 24 hours. Hours are measured by how far light travels in a second. If this speed is constant then 24hrs is the same today as it was in the beginning.

But we must not assume the speed of light is always the same since creation/Big Bang. If light, that light which began creation has continued to slow down exponentially till today, then any year before 2014 when measured by our slowed light looks to us as if it were stretched into Eons of time. Another way to perceive this effect (light on Day 1 being infinite speed, slowing exponentially to 24 fast hours on day4 is to realise our 24hr clock is slowing down do a year did not last as long 100 years ago, or when Jesus walked the earth, or Adam loved Eve. That was Einsteins arbitrary assumption, tenaciously held by anti creationists. But it may well be false.

Both science and the bible are in agreement. There is no infinite time for random evolution. There was a beginning, and not that long ago. Maybe 14 Bn of today's years, assuming time can be measured by light at constant speed. But last century it seems light was a bit faster. And the bible tells us God stretched our whole universe in the twinkling of an eye. That is light at infinite speed.

So if we read the bible carefully we know light was infinite speed but it has slowed exponentially. One of our days measured by our slow light looks like a thousand years before the time of Noah. The first minutes of creation were massive, and four days of massive before we had a sun to divide day from night.

This is no allegory, Gen 1:1 to Gen 2:4 is real and quantum physics is amazed to discover the bible text is literally true.

We also know from text in Jude Job and Isaiah that angels are a higher more advanced creature than humans created long before Adam. We learn that the greatest Archangel, Chief Musician Lucifer (the Prince of Light) fell from grace and his fiefdom on planet earth destroyed. The created order was turned to chaos, Gen 1v2

When this happened in accord with the righteous (unforgiving law of the) Almighty, a new plan for planet earth was discussed by God "Now, let Us make man..." This with an amazing plan of mercy and grace to overcome the requirement of Gods righteous character where sin has legal consequences of rejection. This time, Adam would not sin by pride, that unforgivable sin of Lucifer. His sin would be separation by independence of conscience. And the Fathers love had found a means to forgive man by the blood of the spotless Lamb. We know our Creator Jeshu offered Himself up to Father as a means of redemption, after Lucifer the Prince of Light was cast down with one third of all angels (the heavenly choir and musicians), in order that the lower order of a mankind could be created with a plan of a Redemption in place: fully knowing Adam would fall by desire for independent conscience.

So the perfect order Created by Jesu trillions of of (our earth) years ago was laid waste Gen1v2 because of the sin of Lucifer, then this chaos was returned to a new order for the new creature Adam with a higher plan, redemption

August 26 2014 Report

Data Lena Wms

After reading all the answers to this awesome question I am suprised that none have taken the Hebrew language into account. Our beloved Bible was not written in English, or whatever language you have it in, or translation you prefer. It was written in the only language of the time, Hebrew. Carried from hand to hand carefully rewritten over and over, every letter, every jot and tittle just like God promised!

This being said, In the beginning, God said let there be Light. Light here is Ore Light. In Hebrew. In the very beginning, before the foundation of the World, God said let my Son the Ore Light, (Jesus said I am the Ore Light of the World, he that follows me shall not walk in darkness) come forth. In Rev 13:8 we see the Lamb (Jesus) was slain before the foundation of the World.

Now how much time elapsed between Gen.1:1, and Gen 1:2, I don't know. I do know that according to the Hebrew language, the Ore Light is Jesus and God surely separated the horrible darkness from His only Begotten Son.

Be Blessed,

April 23 2015 Report

Mini Peter Charles

Day 1 “Let there be light” (Gen 1:3-5)
• The light is not natural light from the sun, moon, or stars since their light is seen later (Gen 1:14-19)
• From the Reference Location there is still darkness (evening)
• Hypothesis: On the other side of the earth there is a massive explosion
- Possibly the moon exploding out from the earth on fire
- The burning moon causes incandescent light
- The explosion causes the earth to spin
• Over the next 24-hours from the Reference Location there is evening, Night, morning, Day the first day

Night - Reference Location is on the other side of the earth from the incandescent light
Day - Reference Location is on the side of the earth facing the incandescent light

Day 2 “Let there be a firmament (i.e. space) in the midst of the waters” (Gen 1:6-8)
• God made space (aka sky, first heaven) in the middle of the waters
• The light from Gen 1:3 is still emitting
• Over the next 24-hours from the Reference Location there is evening and morning the second day

Day 3 “Let the waters under the heavens (i.e. sky) be gathered together, and let the dry land appear” (Gen 1:9-10)
• Waters called Seas gathered together cause Dry land called Earth to appear
Cont. “Let the earth bring forth grass… and fruit tree” (Gen 1:11-13)
• Grass is an herb that yields seed according to its kind
• Tree yields fruit with seeds in it according to its kind
• The light from Gen 1:3 is still emitting
• Over the next 24-hours from the Reference Location there is evening and morning the third day

Day 4 “Let there be lights (i.e. stars) in the firmament (i.e. space) of the heavens (aka second heaven, outer space and beyond)” (Gen 1:14-19)
• Stars (including our sun) were given a stable orbit in outer space to divide the day from the night
• The sun rules over the day and the moon over the night
• The stars, sun and moon are for signs, seasons, days and years
• The light from Gen 1:3 no longer emitting
• Hypothesis: The moon no longer on fire settles in its orbit (Psalm 8:3) where it reflects light from the sun
• Over the next 24-hours from the Reference Location there is evening and morning the fourth day

Night - Reference Location is on the other side of the earth from the light of the sun
Day - Reference Location is on the side of the earth facing the light of the sun

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