How can I get the attention of my parents, whom I love so much?

I'm very sorry if I took anyone's time, but this is something important. No people could have been more dear to my life than my parents. Although my parents divorced 10 years ago and my real dad lives far away, I have a stepfather now who isn't as caring. But that doesnt mean I'm going to withdraw from his place as head of the family. I love my mom too, and I'm trying to get her attention so that I can spend time with her, but she's too much with my negative minded stepfather. Is there any way I could interact more with my family? I'm not necassarily lonley since Jesus is with me, but I also know it's not good for man to be alone. Please help.

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Mini Jack Sternberg

Thank you guys :). My hope is fulfilling now.

February 08 2015 Report

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