Who were the sons of God and daughters of men?


Genesis 6:1 - 4

ESV - 1 When man began to multiply on the face of the land and daughters were born to them. 2 The sons of God saw that the daughters of man were attractive. And they took as their wives any they chose.

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Mini Steve Ross

This has been a fascinating question for me and the answer given here is as good as any I've heard. The best answer here suggests that these wicked angels were imprisoned, so what would be the thought "also afterward"? 6:4
Will others not imprisoned, fall into that same sin in later days ahead?

March 20 2014 Report

Stringio Annemarie Dedekind

I cannot see that fallen angels are involved. Why would God call FALEN ANGELS the Sons of GOD, If the unrighteous people are not even carrying the title, Sons of God?

March 20 2014 Report

Stringio Frank Scimeca

It's interesting to me how so many answers to this have no Biblical basis. The original answer was spot on.

March 21 2014 Report

Data Daniel Ellenwood

Lets establish first by scripture that angels can and do take on earthly form. As Hebrews 13:2 states that we should be hospitable to strangers, as some have entertained Angels without knowing it! Secondly whethr Hebrew or greek the word "Angel" is presented in the masculine, indicating they are male! When they take on human flesh such as Jesus did, then they also are subject to temptations of the flesh, (Like Jesus Was)! Matt. 22:30 specifically says "Angels in heaven do not marr.y" So when they visit Earth as we established in Hebrews 13:22, they have to take on an earthly body, along with its earthly temptations.

And let's not forget that we too are spiritual beings! Our spirit does not pro-create, but our flesh can! We cannot make a spiritual being, but when man and woman come together at conception it becomes human life. But only God can give it a spirit to make it an eternal being. As scripture says the flesh came first and then the spirit. 1 Corithians 15:46 says the natural body came first and the spitual came later! Even though it's talking about a different subject the fact remains the same and can be applied to this.

So to sum it up, the angels can and do take on earthly form in the new covenant, and therefore take an earthly body along with its temptations.
Genesis 6:1-4 indicates that they saw the daughters of men were beautiful and they took any wife they chose. That indicates the women had no say in the matter. Jude 1:6 indicates that angels can leave their intended purpose, and that God has a place of judgement reserved for those that do!

So according to sripture it is possible these giants were created by angels who took human form, and probably took on massive masculine bodies to aid to the women's attraction of them, and to scare off other men who had an interest in the women. Thus the large bodies would have caused giant men, as mankind already knows in breeding of animals and the disgusting practice of slaves as breeding was performed to make stronger men for more work.
This scenario is entirely and biblically posible, though I hold no strong view either way.

August 03 2015 Report

548269 r1 12 18 013 Angel karing

How can an angel procreate if they weren't made for marriage? And if Satan has to ask God for permission to harm us, wouldn't other angels have to get permission as well?

April 08 2017 Report

Stringio David Adom

Well, I think Angel Karing was right.

July 21 2017 Report

Mini Frederick Thomas

Iin my research and reading all the ideas submitted for consideration these questions came to me. What size were the "fallen angels" "sons of God" when they kidnapped earth's beautiful women married them made children and the women gave birth to giants?

Why would they be fallen angels, kidnapped the good looking women then keep God's commandment to marry before having sex? Why bother to marry?

If the above is true that when an angel (spiritual being) have sex with an human the offspring is giants then was Jesus a giant too?

Why would God create angels with an male sexual gender/organ Does He have future sexual plans for them? Whatever God creates is purposeful and when He create angels He later said "angels don't marry". If they don't marry why would God give them sexual appetite.

When God said "angels don't marry" He means everything that goes with it.

If God made only male angels why would He give them sexual ability for the opposite sex?
Or did God create female angels also?

When Jesus said "angels don't marry" he meant everything that goes with that. That is no sexual ability therefore they don't marry.

Or maybe these angels caused themselves to have sexual abilities and caused themselves to be able to reproduce.
I thought, scripture teach only God gives life. God is the creator of all humans.

January 08 2018 Report

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