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Daniel Ellenwood

EX Military/civilian Truck Driver..Now Retired.
I attend an Assembly of God church, From which me and my wife got married 30 years ago..I Havent found a Church where with I agree with every doctrine, Including my own church..I test every practice and Church doctrine to see if it's Biblical..But I believe in where the Church is going..And that is to Evanglelise our City.We have 4 Adult children..( two in Ministry) My wife is a chaplain for the womens cancer clinic at our nearby hospital. I support 4 familys through World Vision..As Jesus said "IF you Have Fed Them, You Have Fed Me" Matt 25:35

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What dress code is appropriate for Christian worship in a public assembly?

I don't think it matters what the community standards are because society has...

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Can women serve as deacons in the church?

We cannot explain away everything Paul said when He gave requirements for...

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Who was Melchizedek (Melchisedek)?

Melchizedek as interpreted for us means king of righteousness, who was the...

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Must an elder in the church be a parent?

Yes. The biblical foundation for this is 1 Timothy 3:4 "Must be able to...

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Should the title of 'reverend' be given to a church leader?

We have to be careful not to become too legalistic! Matt 23:8 Says not to...

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Did God literally create the Earth in six 24-hour days?

 There is no 1000 year day when Jesus created the Earth. People take 2nd...

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