Why does God let some survive cancer and some not?


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Imag0495 Lynn Willis Obedient Daughter of the High King of the Universe
I think this is one of the biggest mysteries any Christian faces Tricia, for if we believe that Jesus saves and heals, as we do, then why do some who believe NOT get healed, or die suddenly? Here's a recent example in my life... my sister in Christ found her 22 year old daughter in bed, dead, one morning. Young healthy beautiful and unexplained. They had just bonded again this past year, my sister taking her daughter to her church where she was ultimately saved! HALLELUYAH! For us to try to surmise WHY God would take her NOW after all the trials and tribulations they faced together, coming out of it victorious and both saved, is unexplainable. Perhaps God saved her from something worse yet to come, perhaps He needed her as part of His returning army, perhaps it is true only the good die young. The upside was that the young girl brought her friends to church and 5 of them too were saved in Christ's blood! 

I think we want answers for this and many other things like how can God allow children to be abused? But we forget it is NOT God doing the wrongs, but satan's army of minions enacting the sin in others. I've often said "IF You dont have Jesus, you have satan, and we know what he offers." We fight principalities, NOT people. Curses and blessings are mentioned in the scripture with curses mentioned MORE. There are generational curses we may be unaware of e.g. my father was a Mason and that will curse generations. Idolatry in one's home that allows evil spirits a passage into your home (eg I had a buddha, an aztec totem and a yin-yang necklace I recently removed from my home.) Our simple lifestyles of what we eat, drink, drug or smoke can contribute to disease which is of satan not God. Of course God uses EVERYTHING to speak to us, to glorify His sovereignty, for this is our ultimate purpose - to please HIM, to honour HIM, to glorify HIM. It's NOT about us anymore when you meet Christ it is ALL about HIM. When you know and accept that, dying and then being with Him becomes a blessing not a curse, and the process one where we are able to glorify Him to the end.

Be strong in the Lord and know that His ways are not our ways, and for us to try to understand ALL of Him is utterly undoable. We just need to trust in Him and know He's got it covered!

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10154324 660559607325867 601417579 n Paul Bayne Business Owner, Husband and Father of Four Kids & Blogger
Being biblically saved, one is given the ability to understand our place in God's world. 

We are here to bring Him glory. We are His vessels and He has the right to do with us as He pleases. We have the erroneous idea that we deserve better. We think we deserve to live through life without anything bad happening to us and at the end of it, we go to heaven. It's all about us. Me, me, me. When the truth is told, we are all sinners deserving of hell. 

When someone gets cancer or some sort of tragedy comes upon them, they cry and complain that life isn't fair.

Many of us get cancer and things like that for various reasons. But the main reason is to draw us closer to Jesus to bring Him glory in our submission and attitude toward the trial. 

God tells us to count it all joy when we fall into trials.

Some people, God will allow to die and some people will survive...it's up to Him. Is this wrong? No. The only reason why people think this is wrong and fight against it, is because of their humanism. Whether rain falls in our life or the sun shines upon us, we are to praise Him and thank Him for it.

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Stringio Gary Patton People Development Coach to Christians
Tricia, God can and does heal some, and not others! That is what most of us see and experience personally. 

There are numerous, standard Christian answers for why not? These excuses for God's non-healing include: 
1. to bring God glory when He heals us,
2. to draw us closer to Him, 
3. to test us, 
4. the sick person's faith is lacking, plus
5. etc., etc., etc., ad nauseum. 

None of the above make ANY sense to most, even Christians, in the context of an unconditionally loving, heavenly Father. (Romans 8:28-39) 

Please reflect? Do you intentionally make your kids sick to prove a point? 

An unconditionally loving, heavenly Father …not one out to make a point or catch us failing… is the God whom Jesus came to demonstrate for us. (John 10:27-30) 

Jesus' heavenly Father is NOT the seeming "big, bad cop in the sky" of Old Testament Judaism and all religions, including churchianity. Jesus came to abrogate and replace religion and deadening, religious rule-following. He replaces them with relationship with and in Him! (John 5:39-41)

God's first desire is NOT to heal us! (James 5:14-16) 

His first desire is that we NEVER be sick! (Exodus 15:26) His heart is that we remain healthy and well. (3 John 2)

We have seen the enemy! And the enemy is us! Plus we get lots of help in becoming cancerous! 

Our diabolically R-E-A-L (Revolting-Enervating-Abhorrent-Life-taking) enemies, Satan and his demons (Ephesians 6:10-13), plus our flesh (Galatians 5:16-21), both facilitate our own, human-natural, bad-choice-orientation! (Romans 6:23)

Thank God for the 'buts' in Scripture…especially in the last verse I quoted immediately above. (Romans 6:23)

Our way out of sickness and dis-ease is not to beg God. Or ask Him why He does not heal us despite Jesus' promise in Mark 11:23-24.

Our way out is to stay "living in the Spirit" in the first place! (Galatians 5:25 & John 15:5)

God "The One & Only", Yahweh, "The Great I Am", has not changed one bit since He created Adam and Eve! 

Because of His holiness, humankind must obey either God's "Old Law of Rules & Regulations" (Deuteronomy 7:8-11). Don't try please! 

Or alternatively and best, His "New Law of Love & Grace". (Matthew 22:37-40 & John 13:34-35) 

And we must do so ONLY out of love for Jesus because of thankful joy over what He has already done for us (John 15:10-21) …not because we're trying to earn something we never can! 

God does NOT send sickness and other dis-eases. The Bible says so. He never sends problems or sickness our way… only blessings! (James 1:12-18) But, He will allow problems to afflict us as the natural consequence of our disobedient choices...as He warns throughout the Bible. 

Thankfully though, when a true Jesus Follower goofs, listens to the lies of the "Vicious Voices" in our heads, and gets cancer or other dis-eases, Jesus makes an eternal promise we can take to the bank. And the grave! 

Jesus says NOTHING can destroy a true Jesus Follower's relationship with The Father and His R-E-A-L love for you and me. And His "R-E-A-L" is the opposite of that of our enemy's. God's R-E-A-L is Relational-Engaging-Authentic-Life-giving! Hallelujah! What a Saviour! (John 10:27-30)

If you know, or are unsure, that you are a true Follower of Jesus, then leave the guaranteed curses, including dis-ease in all its forms, of continued disobedience to God's Old Covenant Laws of religion. (Deuteronomy 28:15-68) 

You can be saved either by Law or grace. Don't mix Law and grace up together …please! The latter is the ONLY route that works because we cannot be perfect on our own. 

Choose, instead, the blessings foreshadowed in Deuteronomy 28:1-14. 
Choose Jesus (Romans 10:8-12) plus absolute, ongoing wellness when you obey Him! 

Blessings all!

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