Should Christians celebrate Passover?


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Mini Claudia Waid

Good Day. Well, It is Written in 1Corinthians Ch 5:7 (KJV) even Christ our Passover.... So if we celebrate Christ Jesus as The/Our Lord, then we should Celebrate Passover! On the Highest Day of Christianity He shed His Blood.. As The Passover Lamb, & was Sacraficed for Our sake's once and for all! :) I hope this Truth brings Peace to your Heart.

June 05 2014 Report

1538593645 Clarence Uhrich

In my estimation. The current holidays Christians celebrate are catholic reworking of pagan holidays to turn the pagans to catholism. Celebrating Hebrew holidays is celebrating the holidays of Jesus and his apostles and the other early Christians. Don’t be fooled. Our holidays are not Biblical!

May 07 2018 Report

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