Is it biblical for a woman to marry a man with whom she had an affair before each one got a divorce?


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Img 0360 Terry Gillard

Please Christian, stop looking for ways around your sin!

Divorce is not sin: but adultery that leads to it is - Repentance and the blood Jesus shed is the only way forward: But how can you repent, and then carry on into sinning as if the blood-bought forgiveness doesn't actually make a difference.

Note: I'm in no position to judge any man or woman and their individual situation - but am deeply concerned that so many seem to be trying to find a way to excuse their situation: All sin has to be faced - with the same clarity that took the Son of God to a Cross! See 1 Cor 6:9,10, and all of Chapter 5

April 24 2014 Report

Stringio Ashley Martin

The answer to this question is based largely on one thing - is the divorce complete?
If not, then the woman should flee the affair and seek repentance and restoration to her greatest ability.

If the divorce has already gone through then we are talking about a past sin - covered under the blood of Yeshua. If she has been convicted she should go to her recently divorced husband and ask for forgiveness and, again, seek reconciliation.

If the time for reconciliation with him has passed (he is married to another woman) then all that can be done is to repent with a contrite heart and accept grace and forgiveness. From that point if she and this new man decide to continue their relationship it should be with a heart that accepts they were in sin and ask YHWH to forgive them, and then seek to create a marriage worthy of His name through the mercy of second chances.

June 27 2014 Report

Mini Victor Wells

But biblically is remarrying your exwife right in gods eye's if neither one has been married to any other

July 13 2014 Report

Stringio Ashley Martin

Yes, it is! The reason marrying her after she's been remarried (or he has) is because they are now committing adultery again. However, reconciling after divorce if there have been no other marriages is a beautiful thing in the eyes of YHWH.

July 14 2014 Report

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