How do we react to spiritual wildernesses in our lives?

Expansion:   I am wanting to know how different generations respond to the many "wildernesses" in their lives.
in other words, what would a gen X person ( 20 something ages) respond or react to a "wilderness" they went
through compared to a WWII era person's response to a "wilderness" experience they went through.

Jesus spent 40 days in the wilderness and it changed him a certain way.
Moses went through several "wilderness" experiences and it changed him totally with his family, friends, and workers.
Joseph went through a wilderness exp. living in Egypt all those years.
We go through these wilderness experiences throughout lour whole life.
I was just wondering if any work had been done explaining different ages and their thought process on their experiences.

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Mini Bob Funk
I have had 6 major wilderness experiences-all over a period of about 30 years.-being times that I was largely away from the Lord, and didn’t really want anything but my own wishes and goals.
These were extremely painful times, physically, emotionally and of course greatly spiritually degrading. Divorces happened, my youngest son was killed, and many friends were lost or distrusted me. My first wife died of cancer; others abused me, mentally and emotionally. My parents both died and I didn't have caring feelings for many I should have.

The common features were:
1. Inability to see objectively that God was really needing my attention,
2. I was selfish and couldn't consider others above myself and their feelings,
3. God seemed far away and not important, while it was really I who had left Him.
4. Not feeling close to God, I couldn't get my spiritual eyes into clear focus by reading His word, confessing known sin, and getting the help i needed.
Some of my mental and emotional symptoms (certain medical diagnoses)required medication, and counseling. However without the priority in getting right with God these measures were only minimally helpful.

It is not something I would wish on anyone else...the emotional pain is so much. And quaint answers with this state was not helped as trite answers like give it all to Jesus are not what is required.
(If I were squeezing your shoulder muscles and then said give it all to Jesus, I'd be foolish at least.)

My advice/comments after so many years in painful wildernesses are:

1. Try to trace where God allows you to be and try to see where you deviated from His will or directions. What were your attitudes and feelings at this time? About God, yourself and others. Get an objective opinion from others close to you.

2. Accept what you cant change and go on from there without self -induced guilt if false, and if real guilt-let God have it as He wants- I Peter 5:8/Ps.51.

3. Get help from a safe friend who will pray with you, join a study group or help group biblically-based. Try to get a counselor if symptoms diagnosed by a Dr. are present also.

God is still the same and over a 30 year period I have finally allowed Him to have what HE wants --my attention and devotion.

I pray that you will benefit from your wilderness, however caused, and that you will come out the stronger for it, and for God s glory.

The Hebrews 12 pattern will be there if you r e a legitimate child of God --and He wont leave you, as I so many times thought He did.

Praise Him for progress even though it may not seem like much.
God be with you. Bob

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