Should a Christian speak up against or correct biblical untruths/heresy promoted by others on social media?


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Onhorses80x80 Black Star Ranch

I'm wondering if the question SHOULDN'T be, "Should Christians spend as much time on social media as they do?"

A few times I'm made a comment to an article, social media point, or news story, explaining (with love) a Christian concern or opinion, and generally the response has been met with wholesale vehemence to anything of a Christian nature. A single positive Christian point is swallowed up by dozens of poisonous comments slandering God.

March 29 2014 Report

Mini Tamara Kaye

Yes I wonder where to draw the line between arguing and speaking up...

March 29 2014 Report

Closeup Jennifer Rothnie

It's sort of the 'pearls before swine' problem - are the people on the forum actually there to listen, or are they hostile? Also, there is a question as to whether one's response reflects the love of Christ or not. I don't think its a bad thing - even if they do not listen, but it can be a waste of time or counterproductive if one devolves into flaming or defending oneself vs. the gospel.

October 12 2014 Report

Data Danny Hickman

Is this site not "social media?" Anyone who wants to sign in and post on this site can. That makes it social in nature. It's also a means of communication. I guess the question is whether the same thing that is done here on this site should be done on a secular social media site, such as FB.

I am appalled daily by the elite attitudes on social media. I'm not surprised when people on FB or other sites act elite. Neither am I when I see it here.

Should christians speak out against biblical untruths on social media? I don't know about others but I try to speak up for truth as often as I can. This site is where I do it. This is where it's needed most. Who really pays attention to a theological discussion on Facebook? It's like preaching the gospel in a night club.

If you want to stop the spread of theological untruths, this is the place to do it.

There are lost souls who want to know the one true God. But they're afraid of him. The reason is because they've been told if they don't "get saved" they will spend eternity in a fiery furnace being tortured. They don't know what to make of that. If he really has such a place reserved for people who don't "get saved," they don't think they want to know such a person. And they don't know how to "get saved." They are told sin is the cause, but that no one can ever stop sinning.

I teach against this untruth. The penalty for sin is to be dead for eternity, not alive being tortured. Souls are saved by God's amazing favor. (grace)

September 21 2022 Report

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