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Should a Christian speak up against or correct biblical untruths/heresy promoted by others on social media?


Clarify Share Report Asked March 27 2014 Mini Tamara Kaye

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Onhorses80x80 Black Star Ranch

I'm wondering if the question SHOULDN'T be, "Should Christians spend as much time on social media as they do?"

A few times I'm made a comment to an article, social media point, or news story, explaining (with love) a Christian concern or opinion, and generally the response has been met with wholesale vehemence to anything of a Christian nature. A single positive Christian point is swallowed up by dozens of poisonous comments slandering God.

March 29 2014 Report

Mini Tamara Kaye

Yes I wonder where to draw the line between arguing and speaking up...

March 29 2014 Report

Closeup Jennifer Rothnie

It's sort of the 'pearls before swine' problem - are the people on the forum actually there to listen, or are they hostile? Also, there is a question as to whether one's response reflects the love of Christ or not. I don't think its a bad thing - even if they do not listen, but it can be a waste of time or counterproductive if one devolves into flaming or defending oneself vs. the gospel.

October 12 2014 Report

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