What does it mean when a person says, "will you listen and take biblical correction?"


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Stringio Vin Smith

Such a statement by someone known to me always rankles--because the only times it has happened has occurred after I left a particular denomination co-founded by a false prophet.

One must be careful when given "biblical correction" by someone with a doctrinal agenda.

Just a couple of days ago, I was visiting with my talented hair stylist Marilyn. It takes talent--I tell you--to shear a half bald codger like me. After she again trimmed at least forty years from my appearance with the usual #1 clipper, we were relaxed and laughing. I told her how fond I was of her late husband, Jim. Jim always was there at her shop when he knew I was coming in, as he was a great friend. His funeral was one of the best life celebrations of a committed Christian I have ever witnessed.

I talked briefly to Marilyn about my struggles with a cult that believes in Soul Sleep. Marilyn then told me of the issue she has with their denomination. One of her clients, a very religious woman, had her hair done recently, when Marilyn mentioned one of her greatest joys was knowing that Jim was with Jesus. That's when her client decided to "help Marilyn" with a bit of "biblical correction."

"He's not with Jesus, Marilyn! Not now!" said the well-meaning, but misled woman.

It was really hurtful for my friend Marilyn. Jim passed a little while ago, but it takes time to work through the loss of a wonderful spouse.

It saddens me every time those well-meaning souls incorrectly "correct" another with biblical error.

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