Can a person feel guilty every time they sin without the presence of the holy spirit in their heart?


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Mini Ann Wood

When we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, HE promised to send us the Holy Spirit. Jesus can not lie.....HE said it and it is so! Our human feelings are the area in which the devil works. Feelings come and go like the weather. The point is these feelings pass away. Jesus is our Savior, yesterday, today and forever. The more we focus on the Lord Jesus in our daily walk.....the more of the Holy Spirit you will know is working in your life.

February 23 2014 Report

Isabella earrings Dan Rivers

No one can "accept" Jesus without first having the HS...1 Cor 2:14, John 14:17, 1 Cor 12:3

March 17 2014 Report

Mini Ann Wood

I agree with you as since receiving Jesus as my Lord and Savior, anytime I have missed the mark of the high calling we have in Jesus......the Holy Spirit convicts me of my sin before I have even completed the error. You feel so convicted that it makes you sick of yourself and unworthy to be called a Christian. And that opens up another trap that the devil uses......."see how bad you are, you are lost and belong to me!" NO.....there is confession of sin and its forgiveness because Jesus died for our weakness and our sin nature. When we acknowledge our sin HE is faithful to forgive us and restore us to right standing with God. Our salvation is so fantastic that its beyond human understanding in the natural. God loves us so much that HE paid the ultimate price for our salvation. So we must never miss the opportunity to praise the Lord for so great a salvation.

March 18 2014 Report

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