How did the prophets tithe and to whom? Did they tithe to themselves?

I am starting a ministry to take the gospel out of the church through entertaining means. We will use Christian music and scripts to give our message of faith and salvation through Jesus Christ. It will cost us some money but I am working a part time job. Should I still give my 10% to my church or split it up to help start this ministry?

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Stringio Vin Smith

...Here is my own personal solution to the tithing questions: Since I do not support the specifics of any one denomination, I cannot in all honesty support any one of them. Since my focus on life is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I tithe 10% (tithing means 10%) of my income buying Bibles through American Bible Society, to be distributed as they see fit. Free-will-offerings I spread around to various useful ministeries that are non-denominatioanal. You should likely use your free-will offering money to support the work of your Christian entertainment ministry. Your tithing, of course, is up to you. But to pay yourself would not be my definition of paying tithe.

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Mini Melvin Davis

The tithe should be used to support church school teachers in addition to ministers because it is holy and church school teachers are engaged in a holy work. Pubic education is too toxic for the receptive minds of children to be shaped by it. The tithe and not tax dollars should support Christian education. For this to work, supporting Christian education has to be on par with supporting pastors.

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