Were the Founding Fathers of the United States Christians?


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Closeup Jennifer Rothnie Supporter Housewife, Artist, Perpetually Curious
While the number of men counted as 'founding fathers' of the nation varies from about 200 to 250 depending on what criteria is counted, the vast majority of these men were Christians ascribing to various denominations. 

While there is no way to get into detail about every founder, here is a list of some known religious affiliations:

Church of England: Edward Rutledge
Congregationalist: Andrew Adams, John Adams, Samuel Adams, Abraham Baldwin, J. Bartlett, W. Ellery, O. Ellsworth, N. Gilman, N. Gorman, L. Hall, John Hancock, S. Huntington, R. King, J. Langdon, Robert Paine, N. Scudder, R. Sherman, C. Strong, W. Whipple, W. Williams, O. Wolcott
Episcopelian: John Blair, W. Blount, C. Braxter, D. Brearly, J. Broom, P. Butler, S. Chase, G. Clymer, J. Dayton, J. Dickenson, J. Duane, Benjamin Franklin, E. Gerry, B. Gwynnett, Alexander Hamilton, B. Harrison, T. Heyward, Jr., J. Hewws, W. Hooper, F. Hopkinson, D. Jennifer, R. King, E. Langworthy, F. Lee, F. Lewis, James Madison, A. Middleton, Jr., Gouv. Morris, R. Morris, W. Paca, J. Penn, C. Pinckney, Chas. Pinckney, G. Read, C. Rodney, G. Ross, J. Rutledge, R. Spaight, T. Stone, N. Van Dyke, G. Walton, George Washington, J. Wilson, G. Wythe.... [About 88 of the founding fathers were Episcopalian.]
Huguanot [French Protestant]:  H. Laurens
Methodist: R. Basset, W. Few
Lutheran: J. Hanson, T. Milfin
Quaker: J. Broom, G. Clymer, J. Dickenson, T. Milfin
Presbyterian: A. Baldwin, G. Bedford Jr., J. Blair, W. Blount, A. Clark, J. Dayton, W. Floyd, E. Gerry, J. Hart, W. Houston, R. Hutson, J. Ingersoll, W. S. Johnson, P. Livingston, W. Livingston, L. Martin, J. McHenry, J. Mercer, T. M'Kean, W. Patterson, W. Pierce, E. Randolph, Benjamin Rush, J. Smith, R. Stockton, G. Taylor, M. Thornton, H. Williamson, James Wilson, J. Witherspoon, G. Wythe
Protestant: T. Adams, W. Clingan, J. Colins, F. Dana, W. Drayton, W. Duer, J. Harvie, S. Holten, T, Hosmer, J. Lovell, H. Marchant, J. Mathews, W. Paterson, J. Reed, D. Roberdeau, J. Smith, E. Telfair, J. Wentworth Jr., J. Williams 
Roman Catholic: Charles Carroll, D. Carroll, T. Fitzsimons
Dutch Reformed: J. Lansing Jr., R. Yates
Unitarians: John Adams, Robert Paine

Deists (though some affiliated with Christian denominations): Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Cornelius Hornett, Gouv. Morris, Thomas Paine

Unfortunately, attacks on the religious nature of the Founding Fathers continue. Popular myths include that most of them were deists or Unitarians, or that they were Christians in name only. This is generally a charge laid by unbelievers, using criteria nowhere found in scripture, but the myths are so repeated that many Christians believe them now too. 

In reality, we have no way of knowing who is a 'true' Christian vs. A nominal one until the Judgement. Nor should we judge people on criteria besides belief in Christ, such as how often they publically mention Jesus or take communion. Indeed, if we had to meet the standards that many try to compare the Founding Fathers to, then hardly any of us would 'make the cut!'.

Over half of the Founding Father's had religious education, whether self-study or formal, equivalent to a seminary degree. Many held positions of lay leadership in their churches, or were involved in the American Sunday School Union or American Bible society, or State Bible societies. Some were military Chaplains.

Even the few known 'deists' were more vocal about faith in God than most Christians today in the public sphere. For example, it was Benjamin Franklin who lectured the constitutional convention about not thanking Providence (God) for the country and proposed appointing chaplains, which were appointed to the House and Senate 9 days later and to this day congress opens in prayer. It was Thomas Paine who said it was the error of schools to teach the sciences without reference to "The Being who is author of them."

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Shea S. Michael Houdmann Supporter Got Questions Ministries
With words like God, Lord, and Creator found in the Declaration of Independence, it is easy to assume that the founders of the United States were Christians. John Adams, the nation's second Preside...

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Data Bruce Lyon Elder: Restoration Fellowship Assembly
Many, if not all of the founding fathers of the United States were Christians and many were biblical Unitarian - [believers in only one God, non-Trinitarian] In fact four of the early Presidents were biblical Unitarian believers, not to be confused with the Unitarian Churches of to-day, which believe in anything and everything.

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Screenshot 2018 10 21 15 18 22 George Emerson
I am quite confident that a majority of our founding get father's were Christians. We're they faultless? No, as they are as we are from a fallen race. That being said, I believe, and historical records back this up, see "Wall Builders" website, that the character and lives of the men were far superior to we modern men. But to cast them as greedy men is not accurate.

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Mini Salem Markus Purba
I am not an American, but from the famous words of the late General George Washington, the first President of the USA, "Old soldiers never die, just fade away" was reflecting his belief/faith in Jesus Christ (John 3:16; 14:6, 15-20)

For a tree is recognized by its fruit (Mathew 12:30-37), so are all the Founding Fathers of all Nations on this planet earth.

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Open uri20160825 6966 rhyaou John Matthews Retired Professional Singer, Conductor and Seeker
It doesn't matter whether or not the founding fathers were Christians, Jews, Muslims or Buddhists. This nation was founded by brilliant men who prohibited the establishing of any government sponsored religion. Our nation was founded on our civil documents; not the Bible, the Quran or any other document.

This fact is why America is still alive and kicking today. We are allowed by our government to worship as we see fit. The government stays out of our churches and the churches, by mandate, must stay out of our government. There are laws in place, federal laws, that are supposed to stop pastors and officials of all religions from backing political candidates from the pulpit. It doesn't stop some pastors but it should be a criminal offense. They can preach against sin, but not politics.

Jesus said this world was not His. John 18:36 Why don't more Christians recognize this fact and realize that this is man's sinful world? 

Jesus is in an individual, not a country. God does not bless America or any other country. God blesses me because of my faith in Him.

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Tjart3 Thomas Riccardi Warrior Spirit
I believe a small percentage of them may have been Christian. However, the greed and power seizing and attaining riches in an ill gotten manner were rampant, you could look it up. Washington, Adams, Jefferson and the rest were power mongers. The country has been corrupt from the start any thoughts to the contrary are fairy tales...

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