Why was Jesus' ministry so short?


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Shea S. Michael Houdmann Supporter Got Questions Ministries
Jesus' public ministry, from His baptism to His ascension, was only about three-and-one-half years long. When we compare the length of time Jesus ministered in this world with the lengthy service o...

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Data Carl Jones
Jesus did not come to heal the sick nor to teach people of God: if that were His ministry He would still be on earth today. Yes, Jesus did do these things but His primary objective was to give His life, a ransom for many. In short, Jesus came to die.

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Even if Jesus continued his ministry for anopther 10 years nothing much would have changed. The High priests and Parisees were hard hearted and biased and even God's word was not enough to effect a change in attitude. Of course, God has given man the freedom of choice.

In my opinion, even if Jesus comes to our midst today and starts preaching, how many would be ready to become true Christians. Why there are more non Christians in the world? Is it because of the paucity of preaching or ministry?

One should have the right attitude to accept Jesus and follow his words.

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Mini Kenneth Heck
Like so many things in Christianity, there is a certain mystery to the length of Christ's ministry of three and a half years. This is the same amount of time given to the beast (42 months, Rev. 13: 5). Both are one-half of seven years, or a week of years, which was significant in Mosaic Law (Deut.15:1) and prophecy (Dan.9:25-27). Generally speaking, if Christ had had a longer ministry, so would the beast, to the extreme detriment of all believers in God. 

It might be mentioned that the Jewish Holocaust lasted from the time of the Wannsee Conference in January 20, 1942, where the "Final Solution" was put into effect, until Germany's surrender on May 7, 1945, a period of time that seems to foreshadow the prophesied 42 months of the beast.

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Mini John Appelt
The ministry of Jesus was short. The usual understanding is that it lasted three and a half years. But John’s Gospel lists only three Passovers, John 2:13, 6:4, 11:55. No other Passover feast fits in the book. This means the length was only two and a half years at most, making it even shorter. His ministry began just after He was baptized, when he was about 30, Luke 3:23. It was during the 15th year of Tiberius which would be AD 27 (having been made co-ruler with Augustus in 12 AD), and Jesus died in AD 30.

The arrest and crucifixion cut short the Messiah’s life on earth, Daniel 9:26. But this was in the plan of God to have Him die on the cross for sinners at that time. 

But also, Jesus finished everything He was sent to do. His cry, “It is finished,” John 19:30, attests to His accomplishing His mission, compared to Hebrews 10:7, Luke 2:49, and John 4:34. 

In His few years of ministry, He preached the good news of the Kingdom, and set many captives free, Luke 4:18, 19. When Jesus healed all kinds of diseases and infirmities, He proved to Israel that He was able to meet any human need. 

One gets the sense from reading the Gospels, especially Mark, that Jesus was extremely busy, making the most of every day in doing good, Acts 10:38, a ministry that was packed full and fruitful. The Lord made the most of each opportunity. He ‘redeemed the time,’ as believers, His followers, are to do, Ephesians 5:16, Colossians 4:5.

Part of the ministry of Jesus was to train disciples to go out and preach and minister. He taught them about how to be disciples, Matthew 16:24, and He selected the twelve to go out with authority, Matthew 10:1. He sent out 70 (or 72 depending on version) more with the same commission, Luke 10:1. Although the disciples failed in ways and had much to learn, they became His trustworthy successors to make disciples of all nations, Matthew 28:19.

The very brief ministry of the most significant and influential person in world history was of great impact.

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