Does the Bible say we can drink but not get drunk?


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Seth3 Seth Freeman
The only prohibitions you will find in Scripture relating to alcohol are in relation to drunkenness. Jesus did turn water into wine, not grape juice.

Deut: 14:26 - "You may spend the money for whatever your heart desires: for oxen, or sheep, or wine, or strong drink, or whatever your heart desires; and there you shall eat in the presence of the Lord your God and rejoice, you and your household. 

That being said, alcohol is something that we all know is easily abused. It's abuse destroys people and families. I personally think it's one of those things that unless you truly are confident of what your limits are, and if you think there's even a chance that you could overindulge, that it's best to simply avoid. Nobody ever died from not drinking a beer.

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Mini Josh Manske
I think sometimes as humans (including myself) we want the answers in the Bible to be in black and white. It would be so much easier if there was a Bible verse that stated, "Thou shall not drink alcohol, not even one drop", or " If you drink alcohol do not drink to get drunk (with drunk being a blood alcohol level.08 or higher) as this is a sin in the sight of the Lord." 

I think God looks at the heart and your intentions when it comes to drinking. Drinking to some maybe a sin, but to others a drink with dinner (as long as you're not offending someone else) may not be a sin?

Just my two cents.....

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Cory new thumb David Cory Enderby I'm nobody special. You should check out Jesus!
There are two things that I believe concerning alcohol: 

One, is that the Bible forbids drunkenness. If you read in Galatians 5:21, it states that the person doing that will not inherit the kingdom of God. 

Two, is that I wouldn't recommend it if you are a pastor or someone doing any kind of proactive evangelizing or outreach. The reason is that you may unintentionally lead a weaker brother or sister back into sin. I believe that you can use 1 Corinthians 8 as an example. 

For instance, if a brother just got out of drug rehab, it would not be advisable to drink your one beer around him. Here is one example that hits close to home. My brother is a recovering drug addict who has been through Teen Challenge. My family still likes to have their wine and beer when we all get together. After attending several of these family gatherings over the holidays, Chris went back to alcohol and drugs. He is still on drugs now and has emptied my mom's bank account among other terrible things. I can't tell for sure if that was a major contributing factor. We think so. 

The important thing here is to always be led and be sensitive to the Holy Spirit's leading concerning alcohol (John 16:13). Personally, I don't do it and I encourage all believers to avoid it and be totally sober at all times.

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Mini Walrus theCat
Yes :-)

The Bible takes drinking alcohol for granted all throughout, and drunkenness is everywhere depicted as dishonorable.

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Mini Mike & Jenny
Dr. Myles Munro an excellent teacher gave an example I always remember. He said God gave man dominion over all the things of the earth and problems arise when man lets things have dominion over him eg alcohol. Anything that we allow to take away our self control breaks our relationship with God during that time.

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Mini Orville Carney
While the Bible doesn't specifically say that we Can drink wine, it does say that we should avoid drunkenness. Wine was a beverage that was consumed by all people's of all ages for the simple fact that not only was drinking water scarce but that this made it valuable - crops, drinking, in times of siege, where cities were built etc. It is not the wine itself that should be avoided but the drunkenness; which is then, by some, worshipped as a false idol/god!

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Image Rob VanStavern B.S, M.Ed, PhD, Retired & full time Christian
Sorry, my last post had a typo...it should read 1 Tim 5:23 "Drink no longer water, but use a little wine for thy stomach's sake and thy oft infirmities". Paul's letter says a little wine is to be used for it's medicinal aide for stomach ailments. To be sure, even today potable water is many times hard to find. This should not be construed to ok excesses that are condemned elsewhere in scripture.

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Stringio Austin Noble My full names are Austin Noble, born into a christian home,
As an evangelist I woudn`t preached against alcohol or encouraged drinking of alcohol. But rather teach people my bible perspective of alcohol.
My neutral view is that, The lust or abuse of alcohol that is a sin.
The moderate view of the bible to how one expresses his or her dominon should be uphold.
However alcohol is basically prohibited for some people like Elders. Deacon and deaconess and some ministers of God according to their calling,including some kings and priest e.c.t

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Mini Edwin Danny Reaid
No the Bible does not say that you cannot have a drink of wine. It states we should not get drunk. If I got drunk then I could be a stumbling block, but to have a glass of wine would not be. The Bible says nothing about eating with the exception of over eating (gluttony). In both extremes they could be stumbling blocks. Churches take a stance on one but takes the back seat on the other (gluttony). With our ever increasing numbers of overweight individuals in our country it would offend to many. We should never use a Scripture to meet our on prejudices or platforms.

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Stringio Lloyd Davidson 82 year old retired Policeman and Bible scholar.
There is a saying in the Navy, "If one sailor stumbles, the whole Navy is drunk." Meaning, of course, that when you wear the uniform your actions should always be above reproach so as not to bring dishonor on the service you represent. 

The same is true of your Christian walk, only more so by a factor of ten. If you have accepted Christ as your Lord, then you will speak publicly and openly of it so there is no doubt in any of your friends and acquaintances minds that you are a Christian. To some of them, perhaps most of them, this will engender an immediate resentment toward you. They are of the world and the present prince of this world is Satan. Satan is the constant accuser of Christians. His slaves, all those who have not accepted Christ, will resent you without even knowing why. They will watch you like a hawk every second of your life. As soon as they see something even slightly off the straight and narrow they just can't wait to run and gossip about it. We all know how gossip works. Every teller will add to, elaborate and expand on the "Juicy parts." 

You may ask how is it possible to live such a life free from all suggestion of sinful behavior. I'll tell you upfront that it is completely impossible. No one can do it. However, (and this is a big however) it is easily possible for God. Being a child of God, His Spirit lives within you. If you stay out of His way, He will truly lead you in the path of all righteousness. It's when we say, "Please, God, I'd rather do it myself," that we get into trouble. 

Everyone in biblical times did drink alcohol for the simple reason that the water would kill you. Alcohol was used as an antiseptic then as it is now. If you've ever gotten a shot or given blood the first thing the technician will do is swab the place they intend to puncture with alcohol. It kills most germs on contact. The alcohol they did consume was usually wine, one of the reasons that fields of grape arbors were so common then. There was a constant market for wine. However, the wine they consumed was very diluted, the intent was to kill the germs and parasites in the water, not to get the drinker smashed. Even the kids drank it so you know the percentage of wine to water was very low. Even at that concentration, it killed all the germs. Only the germs were killed, not the users brain cells.

Finally, Paul cautions us to be under the internal control of the Holy Spirit, not the internal control of some other agent, such as alcohol.

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