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Austin Noble

My full names are Austin Noble, born into a christian home,
Although my Dad was ardent christian but a polygamous.This scared me to move away from  home and  feld for myself.
At a time in my life I decided to do a business and was so successful.
At the fame of the Business there were lot of stress, burnout and depresssions,To curb that I took to Alcohol in a progressive manner, I later ended up as a drunkard.
while being drunk I will drive a car, when I came home I will shout at my wife and kids.Nightclub lives was then the ultimate.
Something dramatic happen but good, one day I was in a club drinking my third bottles of wine. I was stinky drunk that night.iI was like in a trance.A voice querry my attitude. i heard a whisper how pitifully my life has becomes. I was directed by this voice to call a girlfriend and asked her her place of workship and partake in it.
That night I call the sister and murmurred to her, about my thought of worshipping with  her.The next Sunday i joined this Sister up in the church. after the worship that day I was lightened.
since that time about 2 years ago I have remained in the christian faith. I am still under going God one preached or asked me to stop Alcohol but God alone delivered me. 
The bitter side is that due to my unruly condition. i lost my Business and had to file in a private bankrupcy,
The miraculous fact is then, I was long supposed to be dead, as results of my uncompromising condition.but today i am Baptist in the Lord, annointed as Evangelist. i minister in a church here in Germany, married with kids. happy like never before.
when your time comes. God is able or capable to deliver you anywhere.
I thank the lord for my life and the lives of my family for His generousity and His generousity be upon all in name of our lord Jesus Christ. Amen

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