Did Jesus fulfill all the Old Testament prophecies?

Are there some which He will fulfill when he returns?

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Mini Bill Lujan
The Brit Chadashah (New Testament) validates the Tanach (Old Testament)!

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Mini Melody Sutter-fisher Minister - Evangelist - Heart for the Homeless
This is what I have learned, and what has been posted by the website, Rapture Ready, I suppose that, "All of them," even to where he was born, isn't quite the answer you are looking for. In reality, Jesus did fulfill all of the prophecies pertaining to the coming Messiah. I will get into some examples in a moment. But, first of all, what is a prophecy? It is God speaking through a servant-a prophet-to describe a coming event long before it happens. There are over 400 prophecies in the Old Testament which point to the coming Messiah and to His life and death. Jesus Christ perfectly fulfilled every single one of them. The odds of someone doing that who was not the Messiah are too great to even figure. It is impossible. 

Isaiah 7:14 says, "Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign; Behold a virgin shall conceive and bear a son and shall call his name Immanuel." Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary. 

Micah 5:2: "But thou, Bethlehem Ephratah, though thou be little among the thousands of Judah, yet out of there shall he come forth unto me that is to be ruler in Israel; whose goings forth have been from of old; from everlasting." Jesus was born in Bethlehem. 

Also prophesied were events like John the Baptist preparing the way, Jesus teaching in Capernaum and Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a colt. 

Psalm 41:9 even foretells Judas' betrayal, "Yea, mine own familiar friend, in whom I trusted, which did eat of my bread, hath lifted up his heel against me." And Zechariah 11:12 perfectly predicts the payment Judas would receive, "And I said unto them, if ye think good, give me my price thirty pieces of silver." 

Jesus' death on the cross was prophesied to the smallest detail. Isaiah 53 spoke of His sacrificial death paying the price for the sins of all. Psalm 109:25 tells that He would be mocked by those who watched. Psalm 34:20 records the miracle that would happen when none of His bones were broken. Psalm 22:18 says that people would gamble for possession of His clothing. Psalm 31:5 contains the words that Jesus said when He committed His spirit into His Father's hands. Isaiah 53:12 says that He would plead for the forgiveness of those who persecuted Him. Amos 8:9 records the darkness that would follow the death of the Messiah. To find evidence that Jesus fulfilled all of these prophecies, read the gospel accounts of His life and death. 

As I said, there are over 400 prophecies that Jesus perfectly fulfilled. This evidence of His Lordship is indisputable. If you have never turned your life over to Him, He is anxiously awaiting the day that you look to Him for salvation. The Bible says that every person is a sinner and in need of forgiveness in order to have eternal life in heaven with Jesus. All you need to do is to go to the Lord in prayer, admit that you are a sinner and desire His forgiveness to cleanse your heart and life. Jesus promises, in His Word, that He will answer that prayer immediately. Then you can begin to walk with the Lord daily through prayer and Bible study. God bless you as you begin your walk with Him.

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Mini Michael Harris Elder - N.A.C.M,, Author, This Final Generation
Assuming that you mean prophecies about the Messiah, the short answer to O/T prophecies is, “No.” The proof that there are many prophecies in the O/T about the Messiah that remain unfulfilled by Jesus is the book of Revelation. Revelation was written in about AD 96 and the entire book was unfulfilled at that time. Now you might be thinking, “Wait a minute, the question is about O/T prophecies fulfilled by Jesus and you are talking about the last N/T book!” Well, that is because the entire book of Revelation is about “The Day of the Lord” which is prophesied in the O/T. It is identified by 9 different Hebrew phrases like “The Day of Lord’s Anger” as one example. In the N/T following Jesus’ assentation “The Day of the Lord” is always future and in an identical fashion it is spoken of with exactly 9 different phrases like “The Day of the Lord Jesus.” In fact, the disciples last question to Jesus was if He would at that time restore the Kingdom to Israel? (Acts 1:6) This is a question about “The Day of the Lord.” They wanted to know if He would fulfill it before He left. He told them it was not granted for “them” to know (Acts 1:7). He then told them they would “receive power” which took place 10 days later on Pentecost. When this occurred (Acts 2:1-4), Peter quotes a part of Joel 2 (The Day of the Lord) in Acts 2:17-21. This was a “near” or “partial fulfillment” of Joel’s prophecy as the other parts (God’s Judgment) were not fulfilled. This is consistent with Jesus’ reading of Isaiah 61:1-2 in Luke 4:17-21 which was fulfilled “that day.” However, Jesus read only half of Isaiah 61:2 and did not read the last half proclaiming the day of God’s vengeance which is “The Day of the Lord. So, while Isaiah 61:1 and half of 61:2 was fulfilled... the second half of 61:2 remained for the future. As an FYI, Revelation contains over 830 direct references and allusions to the O/T Scriptures.

While some claim Revelation (and nearly all O/T prophecy) was fulfilled in AD 70 with Jerusalem’s destruction (and perhaps this is where your question comes from), nothing could be further from the truth... if you believe what God says in Scripture. Those who teach this spiritualize and allegorize large portions of the prophecies (O/T and N/T) with non-literal fulfillments violating what God has told us. All fulfillments of prophecy must be literal (Deut 18:22) or it is not something which God spoke (or fulfilled). 

You might wonder how literal fulfillments are possible as there are some strange prophecies in Scripture. However, a virgin really did give birth. (Mat 1:23, Isa 7:14) How many Jews thought (and still think) that this prophecy was metaphorical when in fact it was literally fulfilled? When we look at prophecies like Ezekiel 37:1-10 (The Dry Bones) we might be tempted to think this is metaphorical! However, have you not heard of the Resurrection of the Dead? Well, there it is in Ezekiel! See what I mean? Therefore, all things really are possible with God! We may not understand how He will literally fulfill what He has spoken, but we can be confident that He will.

To understand the differences of His first coming and prophecies of His second coming, I would suggest studying: “Messiah ben (son of) Joseph” (the Suffering Servant) vs. “Messiah ben David (the Conquering King). “David” begins in Gen 49:8-12 and “Joseph” in Gen 49:22-26. Then look to the lives of Joseph and David as the “types” of the Messiah to come. And yes, many Jews were looking for two Messiah's! It is why John the Baptist asked Jesus if He was the coming one or if they were to expect another (Mat 11:3). John wanted to know was if Jesus was also the Conquering King! Jesus pointed John to prophecies of the Davidic Conquering King (Mat 11:5, Isa 29:18, 35:4-6). In this, He told John He was both!

The final thing you should know is prophecies connected to His return began being fulfilled with Israel (the fig tree) restored as a nation in 1967 (Mat 24:32-35). So, the stage is set!

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Stringio Phillip Ramirez Actor-Musician-Bible Student
Yes. On both questions.

There are several prophecies in the Christian Greek scriptures that will be fulfilled by Jesus.

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Ari Ariel HaNaviy Messianic Jew and Torah Teacher with Messianic Congregation 'The Harvest'
The short answer is “no” he did not fulfill all of the Old Testament prophesies. At least not yet. Are there some he will fulfill when he returns? You bet! He has to or else the prophets of old lied and the Scriptures are unreliable.

That Jesus has yet to fulfill more of the prophecies touches on two important aspects about his witness to the Jewish people.

1). Many Jewish people read their TaNaKH (Scriptures) and then check to see if Jesus fits the bill for many of the things promised about the coming Messiah. When they see so much yet lacking in fulfilled promises, they begin to lose any hope that Jesus is the one they should be waiting for. As unsaved people, they don't readily see that the promises have been divided between his first and second comings. Make sense so far?

2). When Yeshua stated in Matt. 5:17 that he did not come to do away with the Law of the Prophets, it is important to realize that if we believers interpret and teach his term “fulfill” later in that verse as Christ saying, “Yes, the Law and the Prophets are done away with since I fulfilled them,” then we as believers rip those precious prophecies and expectations right out of the TaNaKH effectively stating that our dear unsaved Jewish brothers and sisters will never get a chance to experience them. In a word, we rob them of blessings promised to them long ago.

The Messiah has many multiplied promises yet to fulfill for Isra'el, and you can bet that he will indeed make good on his word when he returns the second time around. This is what we should be telling our unsaved Jewish friends. Between his first and second comings, he will indeed fulfill all of the things that the TaNaKH promised he would fulfill, so put your trust in him today and you too will experience ALL he has promised in the Scriptures!

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My picture Jack Gutknecht ABC/DTS graduate, guitar music ministry Baptist church
No, Jesus did not fulfill all the Old Testament prophesies concerning the Messiah.

But at His first coming He did fulfill the OT prophecies concerning the Suffering Servant (Isaiah 53).

At His second coming He will fulfill the OT prophecies concerning the Conquering One who will bring world peace (Isaiah 11:1-9). 

See more on this at: 


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