What should a Christian do while living with an unbelieving parent?

I've a family of my own. Even after marrying my husband, we lived with my parents to save cost. My dad passed away 5 years ago. And it was only recently that we moved out to our new home because of my unbelieving mother. She has too many conflicts with my husband and often called him 'stupid' or 'useless' in front of my son. She even accused my husband of stealing her jewelry. Because we live just a few floors above her apartment, she has moved in to live with us. She fears ghosts that disturb her often and so she couldn't sleep alone in her own house. Our house is small with only 2 and a half rooms. We took the master bedroom while she stays in the 2nd room. The problem is when our son reaches 7 years old, we plan to let him have his own room (currently he sleeps with us). How do I tell my mom we need space? It'll be unloving. She is a sensitive person. When asked to changed the channel on the tv, she cried saying I forced her to live on her own. How to be loving yet have our own space? 

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